ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8339-g4028de8
SFNT_Interface_ Struct Reference

#include <sfnt.h>

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Public Attributes

TT_Loader_GotoTableFunc goto_table
TT_Init_Face_Func init_face
TT_Load_Face_Func load_face
TT_Done_Face_Func done_face
FT_Module_Requester get_interface
TT_Load_Any_Func load_any
TT_Load_Table_Func load_head
TT_Load_Metrics_Func load_hhea
TT_Load_Table_Func load_cmap
TT_Load_Table_Func load_maxp
TT_Load_Table_Func load_os2
TT_Load_Table_Func load_post
TT_Load_Table_Func load_name
TT_Free_Table_Func free_name
TT_Load_Table_Func load_kern
TT_Load_Table_Func load_gasp
TT_Load_Table_Func load_pclt
TT_Load_Table_Func load_bhed
TT_Load_SBit_Image_Func load_sbit_image
TT_Get_PS_Name_Func get_psname
TT_Free_Table_Func free_psnames
TT_Face_GetKerningFunc get_kerning
TT_Load_Table_Func load_font_dir
TT_Load_Metrics_Func load_hmtx
TT_Load_Table_Func load_eblc
TT_Free_Table_Func free_eblc
TT_Set_SBit_Strike_Func set_sbit_strike
TT_Load_Strike_Metrics_Func load_strike_metrics
TT_Get_Metrics_Func get_metrics
TT_Get_Name_Func get_name
TT_Get_Name_ID_Func get_name_id

Detailed Description

Definition at line 562 of file sfnt.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ done_face

TT_Done_Face_Func SFNT_Interface_::done_face

Definition at line 568 of file sfnt.h.

Referenced by cff_face_done(), and tt_face_done().

◆ free_eblc

TT_Free_Table_Func SFNT_Interface_::free_eblc

Definition at line 614 of file sfnt.h.

Referenced by sfnt_done_face().

◆ free_name

TT_Free_Table_Func SFNT_Interface_::free_name

Definition at line 583 of file sfnt.h.

Referenced by sfnt_done_face().

◆ free_psnames

TT_Free_Table_Func SFNT_Interface_::free_psnames

Definition at line 599 of file sfnt.h.

Referenced by sfnt_done_face().

◆ get_interface

FT_Module_Requester SFNT_Interface_::get_interface

Definition at line 569 of file sfnt.h.

Referenced by cff_get_interface(), and tt_get_interface().

◆ get_kerning

TT_Face_GetKerningFunc SFNT_Interface_::get_kerning

Definition at line 604 of file sfnt.h.

Referenced by cff_get_kerning().

◆ get_metrics

TT_Get_Metrics_Func SFNT_Interface_::get_metrics

Definition at line 619 of file sfnt.h.

◆ get_name

TT_Get_Name_Func SFNT_Interface_::get_name

Definition at line 621 of file sfnt.h.

◆ get_name_id

TT_Get_Name_ID_Func SFNT_Interface_::get_name_id

Definition at line 622 of file sfnt.h.

◆ get_psname

TT_Get_PS_Name_Func SFNT_Interface_::get_psname

Definition at line 598 of file sfnt.h.

◆ goto_table

TT_Loader_GotoTableFunc SFNT_Interface_::goto_table

Definition at line 564 of file sfnt.h.

Referenced by sfnt_init_face().

◆ init_face

TT_Init_Face_Func SFNT_Interface_::init_face

Definition at line 566 of file sfnt.h.

Referenced by cff_face_init(), and tt_face_init().

◆ load_any

TT_Load_Any_Func SFNT_Interface_::load_any

Definition at line 571 of file sfnt.h.

◆ load_bhed

TT_Load_Table_Func SFNT_Interface_::load_bhed

Definition at line 593 of file sfnt.h.

Referenced by sfnt_load_face().

◆ load_cmap

TT_Load_Table_Func SFNT_Interface_::load_cmap

Definition at line 577 of file sfnt.h.

Referenced by cff_face_init().

◆ load_eblc

TT_Load_Table_Func SFNT_Interface_::load_eblc

Definition at line 613 of file sfnt.h.

Referenced by cff_slot_load(), and sfnt_load_face().

◆ load_face

TT_Load_Face_Func SFNT_Interface_::load_face

Definition at line 567 of file sfnt.h.

Referenced by cff_face_init(), and tt_face_init().

◆ load_font_dir

TT_Load_Table_Func SFNT_Interface_::load_font_dir

Definition at line 610 of file sfnt.h.

Referenced by sfnt_init_face().

◆ load_gasp

TT_Load_Table_Func SFNT_Interface_::load_gasp

Definition at line 588 of file sfnt.h.

◆ load_head

TT_Load_Table_Func SFNT_Interface_::load_head

Definition at line 575 of file sfnt.h.

◆ load_hhea

TT_Load_Metrics_Func SFNT_Interface_::load_hhea

Definition at line 576 of file sfnt.h.

◆ load_hmtx

TT_Load_Metrics_Func SFNT_Interface_::load_hmtx

Definition at line 611 of file sfnt.h.

◆ load_kern

TT_Load_Table_Func SFNT_Interface_::load_kern

Definition at line 586 of file sfnt.h.

◆ load_maxp

TT_Load_Table_Func SFNT_Interface_::load_maxp

Definition at line 578 of file sfnt.h.

◆ load_name

TT_Load_Table_Func SFNT_Interface_::load_name

Definition at line 582 of file sfnt.h.

◆ load_os2

TT_Load_Table_Func SFNT_Interface_::load_os2

Definition at line 579 of file sfnt.h.

◆ load_pclt

TT_Load_Table_Func SFNT_Interface_::load_pclt

Definition at line 589 of file sfnt.h.

◆ load_post

TT_Load_Table_Func SFNT_Interface_::load_post

Definition at line 580 of file sfnt.h.

◆ load_sbit_image

TT_Load_SBit_Image_Func SFNT_Interface_::load_sbit_image

Definition at line 595 of file sfnt.h.

Referenced by cff_slot_load().

◆ load_strike_metrics

TT_Load_Strike_Metrics_Func SFNT_Interface_::load_strike_metrics

Definition at line 617 of file sfnt.h.

Referenced by sfnt_load_face().

◆ set_sbit_strike

TT_Set_SBit_Strike_Func SFNT_Interface_::set_sbit_strike

Definition at line 616 of file sfnt.h.

Referenced by cff_size_request(), and tt_size_request().

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