ReactOS  0.4.15-dev-5606-gf34e425
CID_FaceInfoRec_ Struct Reference

#include <t1tables.h>

Collaboration diagram for CID_FaceInfoRec_:

Public Attributes

FT_Fixed cid_version
FT_Int cid_font_type
FT_Int supplement
PS_FontInfoRec font_info
FT_BBox font_bbox
FT_ULong uid_base
FT_Int num_xuid
FT_ULong xuid [16]
FT_ULong cidmap_offset
FT_Int fd_bytes
FT_Int gd_bytes
FT_ULong cid_count
FT_Int num_dicts
CID_FaceDict font_dicts
FT_ULong data_offset

Detailed Description

Definition at line 394 of file t1tables.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ cid_count

FT_ULong CID_FaceInfoRec_::cid_count

Definition at line 414 of file t1tables.h.

◆ cid_font_name

FT_String* CID_FaceInfoRec_::cid_font_name

Definition at line 396 of file t1tables.h.

◆ cid_font_type

FT_Int CID_FaceInfoRec_::cid_font_type

Definition at line 398 of file t1tables.h.

◆ cid_version

FT_Fixed CID_FaceInfoRec_::cid_version

Definition at line 397 of file t1tables.h.

◆ cidmap_offset

FT_ULong CID_FaceInfoRec_::cidmap_offset

Definition at line 411 of file t1tables.h.

◆ data_offset

FT_ULong CID_FaceInfoRec_::data_offset

Definition at line 419 of file t1tables.h.

◆ fd_bytes

FT_Int CID_FaceInfoRec_::fd_bytes

Definition at line 412 of file t1tables.h.

◆ font_bbox

FT_BBox CID_FaceInfoRec_::font_bbox

Definition at line 405 of file t1tables.h.

◆ font_dicts

CID_FaceDict CID_FaceInfoRec_::font_dicts

Definition at line 417 of file t1tables.h.

◆ font_info

PS_FontInfoRec CID_FaceInfoRec_::font_info

Definition at line 404 of file t1tables.h.

◆ gd_bytes

FT_Int CID_FaceInfoRec_::gd_bytes

Definition at line 413 of file t1tables.h.

◆ num_dicts

FT_Int CID_FaceInfoRec_::num_dicts

Definition at line 416 of file t1tables.h.

◆ num_xuid

FT_Int CID_FaceInfoRec_::num_xuid

Definition at line 408 of file t1tables.h.

◆ ordering

FT_String* CID_FaceInfoRec_::ordering

Definition at line 401 of file t1tables.h.

◆ registry

FT_String* CID_FaceInfoRec_::registry

Definition at line 400 of file t1tables.h.

◆ supplement

FT_Int CID_FaceInfoRec_::supplement

Definition at line 402 of file t1tables.h.

◆ uid_base

FT_ULong CID_FaceInfoRec_::uid_base

Definition at line 406 of file t1tables.h.

◆ xuid

FT_ULong CID_FaceInfoRec_::xuid[16]

Definition at line 409 of file t1tables.h.

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