ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8428-g6910fa6
gl_texture_attrib Struct Reference

#include <types.h>

Collaboration diagram for gl_texture_attrib:

Public Attributes

GLuint Enabled
GLenum EnvMode
GLfloat EnvColor [4]
GLuint TexGenEnabled
GLenum GenModeS
GLenum GenModeT
GLenum GenModeR
GLenum GenModeQ
GLfloat ObjectPlaneS [4]
GLfloat ObjectPlaneT [4]
GLfloat ObjectPlaneR [4]
GLfloat ObjectPlaneQ [4]
GLfloat EyePlaneS [4]
GLfloat EyePlaneT [4]
GLfloat EyePlaneR [4]
GLfloat EyePlaneQ [4]
struct gl_texture_objectCurrent1D
struct gl_texture_objectCurrent2D
struct gl_texture_objectCurrent
GLboolean AnyDirty

Detailed Description

Definition at line 898 of file types.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ AnyDirty

GLboolean gl_texture_attrib::AnyDirty

Definition at line 922 of file types.h.

◆ Current

struct gl_texture_object* gl_texture_attrib::Current

Definition at line 917 of file types.h.

◆ Current1D

struct gl_texture_object* gl_texture_attrib::Current1D

Definition at line 915 of file types.h.

◆ Current2D

struct gl_texture_object* gl_texture_attrib::Current2D

Definition at line 916 of file types.h.

◆ Enabled

GLuint gl_texture_attrib::Enabled

Definition at line 899 of file types.h.

◆ EnvColor

GLfloat gl_texture_attrib::EnvColor[4]

Definition at line 901 of file types.h.

◆ EnvMode

GLenum gl_texture_attrib::EnvMode

Definition at line 900 of file types.h.

◆ EyePlaneQ

GLfloat gl_texture_attrib::EyePlaneQ[4]

Definition at line 914 of file types.h.

◆ EyePlaneR

GLfloat gl_texture_attrib::EyePlaneR[4]

Definition at line 913 of file types.h.

◆ EyePlaneS

GLfloat gl_texture_attrib::EyePlaneS[4]

Definition at line 911 of file types.h.

◆ EyePlaneT

GLfloat gl_texture_attrib::EyePlaneT[4]

Definition at line 912 of file types.h.

◆ GenModeQ

GLenum gl_texture_attrib::GenModeQ

Definition at line 906 of file types.h.

◆ GenModeR

GLenum gl_texture_attrib::GenModeR

Definition at line 905 of file types.h.

◆ GenModeS

GLenum gl_texture_attrib::GenModeS

Definition at line 903 of file types.h.

◆ GenModeT

GLenum gl_texture_attrib::GenModeT

Definition at line 904 of file types.h.

◆ ObjectPlaneQ

GLfloat gl_texture_attrib::ObjectPlaneQ[4]

Definition at line 910 of file types.h.

◆ ObjectPlaneR

GLfloat gl_texture_attrib::ObjectPlaneR[4]

Definition at line 909 of file types.h.

◆ ObjectPlaneS

GLfloat gl_texture_attrib::ObjectPlaneS[4]

Definition at line 907 of file types.h.

◆ ObjectPlaneT

GLfloat gl_texture_attrib::ObjectPlaneT[4]

Definition at line 908 of file types.h.

◆ TexGenEnabled

GLuint gl_texture_attrib::TexGenEnabled

Definition at line 902 of file types.h.

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