ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8339-g4028de8
Protocol Struct Reference

#include <urlmon_main.h>

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Public Attributes

const ProtocolVtblvtbl
DWORD bindf
BINDINFO bind_info
HINTERNET connection
DWORD flags
ULONG current_position
ULONG content_length
ULONG available_bytes
ULONG query_available
LONG priority
IUnknown IUnknown_inner
IInternetProtocolEx IInternetProtocolEx_iface
IInternetPriority IInternetPriority_iface
LONG inner_ref
LONG outer_ref

Detailed Description

Definition at line 97 of file urlmon_main.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ available_bytes

ULONG Protocol::available_bytes

Definition at line 113 of file urlmon_main.h.

◆ bind_info

BINDINFO Protocol::bind_info

Definition at line 104 of file urlmon_main.h.

◆ bindf

DWORD Protocol::bindf

Definition at line 103 of file urlmon_main.h.

◆ connection

HINTERNET Protocol::connection

Definition at line 107 of file urlmon_main.h.

◆ content_length

ULONG Protocol::content_length

Definition at line 112 of file urlmon_main.h.

◆ current_position

ULONG Protocol::current_position

Definition at line 111 of file urlmon_main.h.

◆ flags

DWORD Protocol::flags

Definition at line 108 of file urlmon_main.h.

Referenced by HttpProtocol_on_error().

◆ IInternetPriority_iface

IInternetPriority Protocol::IInternetPriority_iface

Definition at line 185 of file protocol.c.

◆ IInternetProtocolEx_iface

IInternetProtocolEx Protocol::IInternetProtocolEx_iface

Definition at line 184 of file protocol.c.

◆ inner_ref

LONG Protocol::inner_ref

Definition at line 187 of file protocol.c.

◆ IUnknown_inner

IUnknown Protocol::IUnknown_inner

Definition at line 183 of file protocol.c.

◆ lock

HANDLE Protocol::lock

Definition at line 109 of file urlmon_main.h.

◆ outer

IUnknown* Protocol::outer

Definition at line 186 of file protocol.c.

◆ outer_ref

LONG Protocol::outer_ref

Definition at line 188 of file protocol.c.

Referenced by test_CreateBinding().

◆ post_stream

IStream* Protocol::post_stream

Definition at line 116 of file urlmon_main.h.

◆ priority

LONG Protocol::priority

Definition at line 118 of file urlmon_main.h.

◆ protocol

IInternetProtocol* Protocol::protocol

Definition at line 100 of file urlmon_main.h.

◆ protocol_sink

IInternetProtocolSink* Protocol::protocol_sink

Definition at line 101 of file urlmon_main.h.

◆ query_available

ULONG Protocol::query_available

Definition at line 114 of file urlmon_main.h.

◆ request

HINTERNET Protocol::request

Definition at line 106 of file urlmon_main.h.

◆ vtbl

const ProtocolVtbl* Protocol::vtbl

Definition at line 98 of file urlmon_main.h.

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