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IVMRDeinterlaceControl Interface Reference
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Public Member Functions

HRESULT GetNumberOfDeinterlaceModes ([in] VMRVideoDesc *lpVideoDescription, [in][out] LPDWORD lpdwNumDeinterlaceModes, [out] LPGUID lpDeinterlaceModes)
HRESULT GetDeinterlaceModeCaps ([in] LPGUID lpDeinterlaceMode, [in] VMRVideoDesc *lpVideoDescription, [in][out] VMRDeinterlaceCaps *lpDeinterlaceCaps)
HRESULT GetDeinterlaceMode ([in] DWORD dwStreamID, [out] LPGUID lpDeinterlaceMode)
HRESULT SetDeinterlaceMode ([in] DWORD dwStreamID, [in] LPGUID lpDeinterlaceMode)
HRESULT GetDeinterlacePrefs ([out] LPDWORD lpdwDeinterlacePrefs)
HRESULT SetDeinterlacePrefs ([in] DWORD dwDeinterlacePrefs)
HRESULT GetActualDeinterlaceMode ([in] DWORD dwStreamID, [out] LPGUID lpDeinterlaceMode)
HRESULT GetNumberOfDeinterlaceModes ([in] VMRVideoDesc *desc, [in, out] DWORD *num_modes, [out] GUID *modes)
HRESULT GetDeinterlaceModeCaps ([in] GUID *mode, [in] VMRVideoDesc *desc, [in, out] VMRDeinterlaceCaps *caps)
HRESULT GetDeinterlaceMode ([in] DWORD id, [out] GUID *mode)
HRESULT SetDeinterlaceMode ([in] DWORD id, [in] GUID *mode)
HRESULT GetDeinterlacePrefs ([out] DWORD *prefs)
HRESULT SetDeinterlacePrefs ([in] DWORD prefs)
HRESULT GetActualDeinterlaceMode ([in] DWORD id, [out] GUID *mode)
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ULONG AddRef ()
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Detailed Description

Definition at line 379 of file vmrender.idl.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetActualDeinterlaceMode() [1/2]

HRESULT IVMRDeinterlaceControl::GetActualDeinterlaceMode ( [in] DWORD  dwStreamID,
[out] LPGUID  lpDeinterlaceMode 

◆ GetActualDeinterlaceMode() [2/2]

HRESULT IVMRDeinterlaceControl::GetActualDeinterlaceMode ( [in] DWORD  id,
[out] GUID mode 

◆ GetDeinterlaceMode() [1/2]

HRESULT IVMRDeinterlaceControl::GetDeinterlaceMode ( [in] DWORD  dwStreamID,
[out] LPGUID  lpDeinterlaceMode 

◆ GetDeinterlaceMode() [2/2]

HRESULT IVMRDeinterlaceControl::GetDeinterlaceMode ( [in] DWORD  id,
[out] GUID mode 

◆ GetDeinterlaceModeCaps() [1/2]

HRESULT IVMRDeinterlaceControl::GetDeinterlaceModeCaps ( [in] GUID mode,
[in] VMRVideoDesc desc,
[in, out] VMRDeinterlaceCaps caps 

◆ GetDeinterlaceModeCaps() [2/2]

HRESULT IVMRDeinterlaceControl::GetDeinterlaceModeCaps ( [in] LPGUID  lpDeinterlaceMode,
[in] VMRVideoDesc lpVideoDescription,
[out] VMRDeinterlaceCaps lpDeinterlaceCaps 

◆ GetDeinterlacePrefs() [1/2]

HRESULT IVMRDeinterlaceControl::GetDeinterlacePrefs ( [out] DWORD prefs)

◆ GetDeinterlacePrefs() [2/2]

HRESULT IVMRDeinterlaceControl::GetDeinterlacePrefs ( [out] LPDWORD  lpdwDeinterlacePrefs)

◆ GetNumberOfDeinterlaceModes() [1/2]

HRESULT IVMRDeinterlaceControl::GetNumberOfDeinterlaceModes ( [in] VMRVideoDesc desc,
[in, out] DWORD num_modes,
[out] GUID modes 

◆ GetNumberOfDeinterlaceModes() [2/2]

HRESULT IVMRDeinterlaceControl::GetNumberOfDeinterlaceModes ( [in] VMRVideoDesc lpVideoDescription,
[out] LPDWORD  lpdwNumDeinterlaceModes,
[out] LPGUID  lpDeinterlaceModes 

◆ SetDeinterlaceMode() [1/2]

HRESULT IVMRDeinterlaceControl::SetDeinterlaceMode ( [in] DWORD  dwStreamID,
[in] LPGUID  lpDeinterlaceMode 

◆ SetDeinterlaceMode() [2/2]

HRESULT IVMRDeinterlaceControl::SetDeinterlaceMode ( [in] DWORD  id,
[in] GUID mode 

◆ SetDeinterlacePrefs() [1/2]

HRESULT IVMRDeinterlaceControl::SetDeinterlacePrefs ( [in] DWORD  dwDeinterlacePrefs)

◆ SetDeinterlacePrefs() [2/2]

HRESULT IVMRDeinterlaceControl::SetDeinterlacePrefs ( [in] DWORD  prefs)

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