ReactOS  0.4.13-dev-544-gede3fdd
ds_compile_args Struct Reference

#include <wined3d_private.h>

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Public Attributes

enum wined3d_tessellator_output_primitive tessellator_output_primitive
enum wined3d_tessellator_partitioning tessellator_partitioning
unsigned int output_count: 16
unsigned int next_shader_type: 3
unsigned int render_offscreen: 1
unsigned int padding: 12

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1403 of file wined3d_private.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ interpolation_mode

DWORD ds_compile_args::interpolation_mode[WINED3D_PACKED_INTERPOLATION_SIZE]

Definition at line 1411 of file wined3d_private.h.

◆ next_shader_type

unsigned int ds_compile_args::next_shader_type

Definition at line 1408 of file wined3d_private.h.

◆ output_count

unsigned int ds_compile_args::output_count

Definition at line 1407 of file wined3d_private.h.

◆ padding

unsigned int ds_compile_args::padding

Definition at line 1410 of file wined3d_private.h.

◆ render_offscreen

unsigned int ds_compile_args::render_offscreen

Definition at line 1409 of file wined3d_private.h.

◆ tessellator_output_primitive

enum wined3d_tessellator_output_primitive ds_compile_args::tessellator_output_primitive

Definition at line 1405 of file wined3d_private.h.

◆ tessellator_partitioning

enum wined3d_tessellator_partitioning ds_compile_args::tessellator_partitioning

Definition at line 1406 of file wined3d_private.h.

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