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threadlocaleinfostruct Struct Reference

#include <crtdefs.h>

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Public Attributes

int refcount
unsigned int lc_codepage
unsigned int lc_collate_cp
unsigned long lc_handle [6]
LC_ID lc_id [6]
struct {
   char *   locale
   wchar_t *   wlocale
   int *   refcount
   int *   wrefcount
lc_category [6]
int lc_clike
int mb_cur_max
struct lconvlconv
unsigned shortctype1
const unsigned shortpctype
const unsigned charpclmap
const unsigned charpcumap
struct __lc_time_datalc_time_curr

Detailed Description

Definition at line 391 of file crtdefs.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ ctype1

unsigned short* threadlocaleinfostruct::ctype1

Definition at line 410 of file crtdefs.h.

◆ ctype1_refcount

int* threadlocaleinfostruct::ctype1_refcount

Definition at line 409 of file crtdefs.h.

◆ lc_category

struct { ... } threadlocaleinfostruct::lc_category[6]

◆ lc_clike

int threadlocaleinfostruct::lc_clike

Definition at line 403 of file crtdefs.h.

◆ lc_codepage

unsigned int threadlocaleinfostruct::lc_codepage

Definition at line 393 of file crtdefs.h.

◆ lc_collate_cp

unsigned int threadlocaleinfostruct::lc_collate_cp

Definition at line 394 of file crtdefs.h.

◆ lc_handle

unsigned long threadlocaleinfostruct::lc_handle[6]

Definition at line 395 of file crtdefs.h.

◆ lc_id

LC_ID threadlocaleinfostruct::lc_id[6]

Definition at line 396 of file crtdefs.h.

◆ lc_time_curr

struct __lc_time_data* threadlocaleinfostruct::lc_time_curr

Definition at line 414 of file crtdefs.h.

◆ lconv

struct lconv* threadlocaleinfostruct::lconv

Definition at line 408 of file crtdefs.h.

◆ lconv_intl_refcount

int* threadlocaleinfostruct::lconv_intl_refcount

Definition at line 405 of file crtdefs.h.

◆ lconv_mon_refcount

int* threadlocaleinfostruct::lconv_mon_refcount

Definition at line 407 of file crtdefs.h.

◆ lconv_num_refcount

int* threadlocaleinfostruct::lconv_num_refcount

Definition at line 406 of file crtdefs.h.

◆ locale

char* threadlocaleinfostruct::locale

Definition at line 398 of file crtdefs.h.

◆ mb_cur_max

int threadlocaleinfostruct::mb_cur_max

Definition at line 404 of file crtdefs.h.

◆ pclmap

const unsigned char* threadlocaleinfostruct::pclmap

Definition at line 412 of file crtdefs.h.

◆ pctype

const unsigned short* threadlocaleinfostruct::pctype

Definition at line 411 of file crtdefs.h.

◆ pcumap

const unsigned char* threadlocaleinfostruct::pcumap

Definition at line 413 of file crtdefs.h.

◆ refcount [1/2]

int threadlocaleinfostruct::refcount

Definition at line 392 of file crtdefs.h.

◆ refcount [2/2]

int* threadlocaleinfostruct::refcount

Definition at line 400 of file crtdefs.h.

◆ wlocale

wchar_t* threadlocaleinfostruct::wlocale

Definition at line 399 of file crtdefs.h.

◆ wrefcount

int* threadlocaleinfostruct::wrefcount

Definition at line 401 of file crtdefs.h.

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