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iota.h File Reference
#include <numeric>
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template<typename _It , typename _Tp >
void __iota (_It __first, _It __last, _Tp __val)

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template<typename _It , typename _Tp >
void __iota ( _It  __first,
_It  __last,
_Tp  __val 

Definition at line 8 of file iota.h.

8 {
9#if defined (STLPORT) && !defined (_STLP_NO_EXTENSIONS)
10 iota(__first, __last, __val);
12 while (__first != __last) {
13 *__first++ = __val++;
14 }
_STLP_INLINE_LOOP _InputIter __last
Definition: _algo.h:68
_STLP_INLINE_LOOP _InputIter const _Tp & __val
Definition: _algobase.h:656
_STLP_INLINE_LOOP void iota(_ForwardIterator __first, _ForwardIterator __last, _Tp __val)
Definition: _numeric.h:174

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