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_windows.h File Reference
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#define _STLP_PLATFORM   "Windows"
#define _STLP_STDCALL   __stdcall
#define _STLP_WIN32


_STLP_IMPORT_DECLSPEC long _STLP_STDCALL InterlockedIncrement (long volatile *)
_STLP_IMPORT_DECLSPEC long _STLP_STDCALL InterlockedDecrement (long volatile *)
_STLP_IMPORT_DECLSPEC long _STLP_STDCALL InterlockedExchange (long volatile *, long)
_STLP_IMPORT_DECLSPEC void _STLP_STDCALL OutputDebugStringA (const char *lpOutputString)

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#define _STLP_PLATFORM   "Windows"

Definition at line 25 of file _windows.h.


#define _STLP_STDCALL   __stdcall

Definition at line 93 of file _windows.h.


#define _STLP_WIN32

Definition at line 283 of file _windows.h.



Definition at line 48 of file _windows.h.

Function Documentation

◆ InterlockedDecrement()

_STLP_IMPORT_DECLSPEC long _STLP_STDCALL InterlockedDecrement ( long volatile )

◆ InterlockedExchange()

_STLP_IMPORT_DECLSPEC long _STLP_STDCALL InterlockedExchange ( long volatile ,

Definition at line 10 of file interlocked.c.

12 {
14 }
_In_opt_ ULONG _Out_ PULONG Value
Definition: rtlfuncs.h:2373
long __cdecl _InterlockedExchange(_Interlocked_operand_ long volatile *_Target, long _Value)
_Must_inspect_result_ typedef _In_ ULONG _In_ BOOLEAN Target
Definition: iotypes.h:1068

◆ InterlockedIncrement()

_STLP_IMPORT_DECLSPEC long _STLP_STDCALL InterlockedIncrement ( long volatile )

◆ OutputDebugStringA()

_STLP_IMPORT_DECLSPEC void _STLP_STDCALL OutputDebugStringA ( const char lpOutputString)