ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8422-g6219a1a
hda_codec Struct Reference

#include <driver.h>

Collaboration diagram for hda_codec:

Public Attributes

uint16 vendor_id
uint16 product_id
uint8 major
uint8 minor
uint8 revision
uint8 stepping
uint8 addr
uint32 quirks
sem_id response_sem
uint32 responses [MAX_CODEC_RESPONSES]
uint32 response_count
sem_id unsol_response_sem
thread_id unsol_response_thread
uint32 unsol_responses [MAX_CODEC_UNSOL_RESPONSES]
uint32 unsol_response_read
uint32 unsol_response_write
hda_audio_groupaudio_groups [HDA_MAX_AUDIO_GROUPS]
uint32 num_audio_groups
struct hda_controllercontroller

Detailed Description

This structure describes a single codec module in the HDA compliant device. This is a discrete component, which can contain both Audio Function Groups, Modem Function Groups, and other customized (vendor specific) Function Groups.

NOTE: ATM, only Audio Function Groups are supported.

Definition at line 306 of file driver.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ addr

uint8 hda_codec::addr

Definition at line 313 of file driver.h.

◆ audio_groups

hda_audio_group* hda_codec::audio_groups[HDA_MAX_AUDIO_GROUPS]

Definition at line 326 of file driver.h.

◆ controller

struct hda_controller* hda_codec::controller

Definition at line 329 of file driver.h.

◆ major

uint8 hda_codec::major

Definition at line 309 of file driver.h.

◆ minor

uint8 hda_codec::minor

Definition at line 310 of file driver.h.

◆ num_audio_groups

uint32 hda_codec::num_audio_groups

Definition at line 327 of file driver.h.

◆ product_id

uint16 hda_codec::product_id

Definition at line 308 of file driver.h.

◆ quirks

uint32 hda_codec::quirks

Definition at line 315 of file driver.h.

◆ response_count

uint32 hda_codec::response_count

Definition at line 319 of file driver.h.

◆ response_sem

sem_id hda_codec::response_sem

Definition at line 317 of file driver.h.

◆ responses

uint32 hda_codec::responses[MAX_CODEC_RESPONSES]

Definition at line 318 of file driver.h.

◆ revision

uint8 hda_codec::revision

Definition at line 311 of file driver.h.

◆ stepping

uint8 hda_codec::stepping

Definition at line 312 of file driver.h.

◆ unsol_response_read

uint32 hda_codec::unsol_response_read

Definition at line 324 of file driver.h.

◆ unsol_response_sem

sem_id hda_codec::unsol_response_sem

Definition at line 321 of file driver.h.

◆ unsol_response_thread

thread_id hda_codec::unsol_response_thread

Definition at line 322 of file driver.h.

◆ unsol_response_write

uint32 hda_codec::unsol_response_write

Definition at line 324 of file driver.h.

◆ unsol_responses

uint32 hda_codec::unsol_responses[MAX_CODEC_UNSOL_RESPONSES]

Definition at line 323 of file driver.h.

◆ vendor_id

uint16 hda_codec::vendor_id

Definition at line 307 of file driver.h.

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