ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8219-ge8b88cf
hda_audio_group Struct Reference

#include <driver.h>

Collaboration diagram for hda_audio_group:

Public Attributes

hda_widget widget
uint32 widget_start
uint32 widget_count
uint32 association_count
uint32 gpio
hda_association associations [MAX_ASSOCIATIONS]

Detailed Description

This structure describes a single Audio Function Group. An AFG is a group of audio widgets which can be used to configure multiple streams of audio either from the HDA Link to an output device (= playback) or from an input device to the HDA link (= recording).

Definition at line 279 of file driver.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ association_count

uint32 hda_audio_group::association_count

Definition at line 290 of file driver.h.

◆ associations

hda_association hda_audio_group::associations[MAX_ASSOCIATIONS]

Definition at line 294 of file driver.h.

◆ codec

hda_codec* hda_audio_group::codec

Definition at line 280 of file driver.h.

◆ gpio

uint32 hda_audio_group::gpio

Definition at line 291 of file driver.h.

◆ multi

hda_multi* hda_audio_group::multi

Definition at line 296 of file driver.h.

◆ playback_stream

hda_stream* hda_audio_group::playback_stream

Definition at line 284 of file driver.h.

◆ record_stream

hda_stream* hda_audio_group::record_stream

Definition at line 285 of file driver.h.

◆ widget

hda_widget hda_audio_group::widget

Definition at line 281 of file driver.h.

◆ widget_count

uint32 hda_audio_group::widget_count

Definition at line 288 of file driver.h.

◆ widget_start

uint32 hda_audio_group::widget_start

Definition at line 287 of file driver.h.

◆ widgets

hda_widget* hda_audio_group::widgets

Definition at line 293 of file driver.h.

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