ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8127-g6338913
makepath_s_case Struct Reference

Public Attributes

const charbuffer
size_t length
const chardrive
const chardir
const charfile
const charext
const charexpected
const WCHARexpected_unicode
size_t expected_length

Detailed Description

Definition at line 171 of file dir.c.

Member Data Documentation

◆ buffer

const char* makepath_s_case::buffer

Definition at line 173 of file dir.c.

◆ dir

const char* makepath_s_case::dir

Definition at line 176 of file dir.c.

◆ drive

const char* makepath_s_case::drive

Definition at line 175 of file dir.c.

◆ expected

const char* makepath_s_case::expected

Definition at line 179 of file dir.c.

◆ expected_length

size_t makepath_s_case::expected_length

Definition at line 181 of file dir.c.

◆ expected_unicode

const WCHAR* makepath_s_case::expected_unicode

Definition at line 180 of file dir.c.

◆ ext

const char* makepath_s_case::ext

Definition at line 178 of file dir.c.

◆ file

const char* makepath_s_case::file

Definition at line 177 of file dir.c.

◆ length

size_t makepath_s_case::length

Definition at line 174 of file dir.c.

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