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MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2 Interface Reference


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Exported Interfaces

interface DispHTMLStyleSheetRule
interface IHTMLStyleSheetRule
interface IHTMLDOMConstructor

Public Member Functions

VARIANT_BOOL onhelp ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
VARIANT_BOOL onclick ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
VARIANT_BOOL ondblclick ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
VARIANT_BOOL onkeypress ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
void onkeydown ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
void onkeyup ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
void onmouseout ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
void onmouseover ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
void onmousemove ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
void onmousedown ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
void onmouseup ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
VARIANT_BOOL onselectstart ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
void onfilterchange ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
VARIANT_BOOL ondragstart ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
VARIANT_BOOL onbeforeupdate ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
void onafterupdate ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
VARIANT_BOOL onerrorupdate ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
VARIANT_BOOL onrowexit ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
void onrowenter ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
void ondatasetchanged ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
void ondataavailable ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
void ondatasetcomplete ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
void onlosecapture ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
void onpropertychange ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
void onscroll ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
void onfocus ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
void onblur ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
void onresize ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
VARIANT_BOOL ondrag ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
void ondragend ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
VARIANT_BOOL ondragenter ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
VARIANT_BOOL ondragover ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
void ondragleave ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
VARIANT_BOOL ondrop ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
VARIANT_BOOL onbeforecut ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
VARIANT_BOOL oncut ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
VARIANT_BOOL onbeforecopy ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
VARIANT_BOOL oncopy ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
VARIANT_BOOL onbeforepaste ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
VARIANT_BOOL onpaste ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
VARIANT_BOOL oncontextmenu ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
void onrowsdelete ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
void onrowsinserted ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
void oncellchange ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
void onreadystatechange ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
void onlayoutcomplete ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
void onpage ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
void onmouseenter ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
void onmouseleave ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
void onactivate ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
void ondeactivate ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
VARIANT_BOOL onbeforedeactivate ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
VARIANT_BOOL onbeforeactivate ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
void onfocusin ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
void onfocusout ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
void onmove ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
VARIANT_BOOL oncontrolselect ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
VARIANT_BOOL onmovestart ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
void onmoveend ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
VARIANT_BOOL onresizestart ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
void onresizeend ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
VARIANT_BOOL onmousewheel ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
VARIANT_BOOL onsubmit ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
VARIANT_BOOL onreset ([in] IHTMLEventObj *pEvtObj)
- Public Member Functions inherited from IDispatch
HRESULT GetTypeInfoCount ([out] UINT *pctinfo)
HRESULT GetTypeInfo ([in] UINT iTInfo, [in] LCID lcid, [out] ITypeInfo **ppTInfo)
HRESULT GetIDsOfNames ([in] REFIID riid, [in, size_is(cNames)] LPOLESTR *rgszNames, [in] UINT cNames, [in] LCID lcid, [out, size_is(cNames)] DISPID *rgDispId)
HRESULT Invoke ([in] DISPID dispIdMember, [in] REFIID riid, [in] LCID lcid, [in] WORD wFlags, [in, out] DISPPARAMS *pDispParams, [out] VARIANT *pVarResult, [out] EXCEPINFO *pExcepInfo, [out] UINT *puArgErr)
HRESULT RemoteInvoke ([in] DISPID dispIdMember, [in] REFIID riid, [in] LCID lcid, [in] DWORD dwFlags, [in] DISPPARAMS *pDispParams, [out] VARIANT *pVarResult, [out] EXCEPINFO *pExcepInfo, [out] UINT *pArgErr, [in] UINT cVarRef, [in, size_is(cVarRef)] UINT *rgVarRefIdx, [in, out, size_is(cVarRef)] VARIANTARG *rgVarRef)
- Public Member Functions inherited from IUnknown
HRESULT QueryInterface ([in] REFIID riid, [out, iid_is(riid)] void **ppvObject)
ULONG AddRef ()
ULONG Release ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from MSHTML::IHTMLDOMConstructor
HRESULT LookupGetter ([in] BSTR propname, [retval, out] VARIANT *ppDispHandler)
HRESULT LookupSetter ([in] BSTR propname, [retval, out] VARIANT *ppDispHandler)
HRESULT DefineGetter ([in] BSTR propname, [in] VARIANT *pdispHandler)
HRESULT DefineSetter ([in] BSTR propname, [in] VARIANT *pdispHandler)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from IDispatch
typedef IDispatchLPDISPATCH
- Public Types inherited from IUnknown
typedef IUnknownLPUNKNOWN
- Public Attributes inherited from MSHTML::DispHTMLStyleSheetRule
- Public Attributes inherited from IDispatch
- Properties inherited from MSHTML::DispHTMLStyleSheetRule
BSTR selectorText [set]
 selectorText [get]
 readOnly [get]
- Properties inherited from MSHTML::IHTMLStyleSheetRule
BSTR selectorText [get, set]
IHTMLRuleStyle style [get]
VARIANT_BOOL readOnly [get]
- Properties inherited from MSHTML::IHTMLDOMConstructor
IDispatch constructor [get]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 7731 of file mshtml.idl.

Exported Interfaces

◆ DispHTMLStyleSheetRule

Definition at line 7733 of file mshtml.idl.

◆ IHTMLDOMConstructor

Definition at line 7735 of file mshtml.idl.

◆ IHTMLStyleSheetRule

Definition at line 7734 of file mshtml.idl.

Member Function Documentation

◆ onactivate()

void MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::onactivate ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ onafterupdate()

void MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::onafterupdate ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ onbeforeactivate()

VARIANT_BOOL MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::onbeforeactivate ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ onbeforecopy()

VARIANT_BOOL MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::onbeforecopy ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ onbeforecut()

VARIANT_BOOL MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::onbeforecut ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ onbeforedeactivate()

VARIANT_BOOL MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::onbeforedeactivate ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ onbeforepaste()

VARIANT_BOOL MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::onbeforepaste ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ onbeforeupdate()

VARIANT_BOOL MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::onbeforeupdate ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ onblur()

void MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::onblur ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ oncellchange()

void MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::oncellchange ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ onclick()

VARIANT_BOOL MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::onclick ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ oncontextmenu()

VARIANT_BOOL MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::oncontextmenu ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ oncontrolselect()

VARIANT_BOOL MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::oncontrolselect ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ oncopy()

VARIANT_BOOL MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::oncopy ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ oncut()

VARIANT_BOOL MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::oncut ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ ondataavailable()

void MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::ondataavailable ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ ondatasetchanged()

void MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::ondatasetchanged ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ ondatasetcomplete()

void MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::ondatasetcomplete ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ ondblclick()

VARIANT_BOOL MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::ondblclick ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ ondeactivate()

void MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::ondeactivate ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ ondrag()

VARIANT_BOOL MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::ondrag ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ ondragend()

void MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::ondragend ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ ondragenter()

VARIANT_BOOL MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::ondragenter ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ ondragleave()

void MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::ondragleave ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ ondragover()

VARIANT_BOOL MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::ondragover ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ ondragstart()

VARIANT_BOOL MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::ondragstart ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ ondrop()

VARIANT_BOOL MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::ondrop ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ onerrorupdate()

VARIANT_BOOL MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::onerrorupdate ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ onfilterchange()

void MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::onfilterchange ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ onfocus()

void MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::onfocus ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ onfocusin()

void MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::onfocusin ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ onfocusout()

void MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::onfocusout ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ onhelp()

VARIANT_BOOL MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::onhelp ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ onkeydown()

void MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::onkeydown ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ onkeypress()

VARIANT_BOOL MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::onkeypress ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ onkeyup()

void MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::onkeyup ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ onlayoutcomplete()

void MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::onlayoutcomplete ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ onlosecapture()

void MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::onlosecapture ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ onmousedown()

void MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::onmousedown ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ onmouseenter()

void MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::onmouseenter ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ onmouseleave()

void MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::onmouseleave ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ onmousemove()

void MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::onmousemove ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ onmouseout()

void MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::onmouseout ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ onmouseover()

void MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::onmouseover ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ onmouseup()

void MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::onmouseup ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ onmousewheel()

VARIANT_BOOL MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::onmousewheel ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ onmove()

void MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::onmove ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ onmoveend()

void MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::onmoveend ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ onmovestart()

VARIANT_BOOL MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::onmovestart ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ onpage()

void MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::onpage ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ onpaste()

VARIANT_BOOL MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::onpaste ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ onpropertychange()

void MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::onpropertychange ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ onreadystatechange()

void MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::onreadystatechange ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ onreset()

VARIANT_BOOL MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::onreset ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ onresize()

void MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::onresize ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ onresizeend()

void MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::onresizeend ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ onresizestart()

VARIANT_BOOL MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::onresizestart ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ onrowenter()

void MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::onrowenter ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ onrowexit()

VARIANT_BOOL MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::onrowexit ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ onrowsdelete()

void MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::onrowsdelete ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ onrowsinserted()

void MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::onrowsinserted ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ onscroll()

void MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::onscroll ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ onselectstart()

VARIANT_BOOL MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::onselectstart ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

◆ onsubmit()

VARIANT_BOOL MSHTML::HTMLFormElementEvents2::onsubmit ( [in] IHTMLEventObj *  pEvtObj)

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