ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-7887-g64a59a1
MSVCRT_threadmbcinfostruct Struct Reference

#include <msvcrt.h>

Collaboration diagram for MSVCRT_threadmbcinfostruct:

Public Attributes

int refcount
int mbcodepage
int ismbcodepage
int mblcid
unsigned short mbulinfo [6]
unsigned char mbctype [257]
unsigned char mbcasemap [256]
LONG refcount
char mbcasemap [256]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 137 of file msvcrt.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ ismbcodepage

int MSVCRT_threadmbcinfostruct::ismbcodepage

Definition at line 140 of file msvcrt.h.

Referenced by _setmbcp_l().

◆ mbcasemap [1/2]

unsigned char MSVCRT_threadmbcinfostruct::mbcasemap

Definition at line 144 of file msvcrt.h.

Referenced by _setmbcp_l().

◆ mbcasemap [2/2]

char MSVCRT_threadmbcinfostruct::mbcasemap[256]

Definition at line 37 of file locale.h.

◆ mbcodepage

int MSVCRT_threadmbcinfostruct::mbcodepage

Definition at line 139 of file msvcrt.h.

Referenced by _getmbcp(), and _setmbcp_l().

◆ mbctype

unsigned char MSVCRT_threadmbcinfostruct::mbctype

Definition at line 143 of file msvcrt.h.

Referenced by __p__mbctype(), and _setmbcp_l().

◆ mblcid

int MSVCRT_threadmbcinfostruct::mblcid

Definition at line 141 of file msvcrt.h.

Referenced by _setmbcp_l().

◆ mbulinfo

unsigned short MSVCRT_threadmbcinfostruct::mbulinfo

Definition at line 142 of file msvcrt.h.

◆ refcount [1/2]

int MSVCRT_threadmbcinfostruct::refcount

Definition at line 138 of file msvcrt.h.

Referenced by free_mbcinfo(), MSVCRT__create_locale(), and MSVCRT__get_current_locale().

◆ refcount [2/2]

LONG MSVCRT_threadmbcinfostruct::refcount

Definition at line 31 of file locale.h.

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