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winhttp_request Struct Reference
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Public Attributes

IWinHttpRequest IWinHttpRequest_iface
LONG refs
enum request_state state
HINTERNET hsession
HINTERNET hconnect
HINTERNET hrequest
HANDLE cancel
BOOL proc_running
DWORD offset
DWORD bytes_available
DWORD bytes_read
DWORD error
DWORD logon_policy
DWORD disable_feature
LONG resolve_timeout
LONG connect_timeout
LONG send_timeout
LONG receive_timeout
BOOL async
UINT url_codepage

Detailed Description

Definition at line 3175 of file request.c.

Member Data Documentation

◆ async

BOOL winhttp_request::async

Definition at line 3208 of file request.c.

Referenced by winhttp_request_Open().

◆ buffer

char* winhttp_request::buffer

Definition at line 3196 of file request.c.

◆ bytes_available

DWORD winhttp_request::bytes_available

Definition at line 3198 of file request.c.

◆ bytes_read

DWORD winhttp_request::bytes_read

Definition at line 3199 of file request.c.

◆ cancel

HANDLE winhttp_request::cancel

Definition at line 3192 of file request.c.

◆ connect_timeout

LONG winhttp_request::connect_timeout

Definition at line 3204 of file request.c.

◆ cs

CRITICAL_SECTION winhttp_request::cs

Definition at line 3179 of file request.c.

◆ data

VARIANT winhttp_request::data

Definition at line 3184 of file request.c.

◆ disable_feature

DWORD winhttp_request::disable_feature

Definition at line 3202 of file request.c.

◆ done

◆ error

DWORD winhttp_request::error

Definition at line 3200 of file request.c.

◆ hconnect

HINTERNET winhttp_request::hconnect

Definition at line 3182 of file request.c.

◆ hrequest

HINTERNET winhttp_request::hrequest

Definition at line 3183 of file request.c.

◆ hsession

HINTERNET winhttp_request::hsession

Definition at line 3181 of file request.c.

◆ IWinHttpRequest_iface

IWinHttpRequest winhttp_request::IWinHttpRequest_iface

Definition at line 3177 of file request.c.

Referenced by impl_from_IWinHttpRequest().

◆ logon_policy

DWORD winhttp_request::logon_policy

Definition at line 3201 of file request.c.

◆ offset

DWORD winhttp_request::offset

Definition at line 3197 of file request.c.

◆ proc_running

BOOL winhttp_request::proc_running

Definition at line 3194 of file request.c.

◆ proxy

WINHTTP_PROXY_INFO winhttp_request::proxy

Definition at line 3207 of file request.c.

◆ receive_timeout

LONG winhttp_request::receive_timeout

Definition at line 3206 of file request.c.

Referenced by winhttp_request_SetTimeouts().

◆ refs

LONG winhttp_request::refs

Definition at line 3178 of file request.c.

Referenced by winhttp_request_Release().

◆ resolve_timeout

LONG winhttp_request::resolve_timeout

Definition at line 3203 of file request.c.

Referenced by winhttp_request_SetTimeouts().

◆ send_timeout

LONG winhttp_request::send_timeout

Definition at line 3205 of file request.c.

Referenced by winhttp_request_SetTimeouts().

◆ state

enum request_state winhttp_request::state

Definition at line 3180 of file request.c.

◆ url_codepage

UINT winhttp_request::url_codepage

Definition at line 3209 of file request.c.

◆ verb

WCHAR* winhttp_request::verb

Definition at line 3185 of file request.c.

Referenced by winhttp_request_Open().

◆ wait

HANDLE winhttp_request::wait

Definition at line 3191 of file request.c.

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