ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8207-gd73a838
c_1256.c File Reference
#include "wine/unicode.h"
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static const WCHAR cp2uni [256]
static const unsigned char uni2cp_low []
static const unsigned short uni2cp_high [256]
const struct sbcs_table DECLSPEC_HIDDEN cptable_1256

Variable Documentation

◆ cp2uni

const WCHAR cp2uni[256]

Definition at line 7 of file c_1256.c.

◆ cptable_1256

Initial value:
{ 1256, 1, 0x003f, 0x003f, "ANSI Arabic" },
static const unsigned char uni2cp_low[]
Definition: c_1256.c:43
static const unsigned short uni2cp_high[256]
Definition: c_1256.c:318
static const WCHAR cp2uni[256]
Definition: c_1256.c:7

Definition at line 354 of file c_1256.c.

◆ uni2cp_high

const unsigned short uni2cp_high[256]

Definition at line 318 of file c_1256.c.

◆ uni2cp_low

const unsigned char uni2cp_low[]

Definition at line 43 of file c_1256.c.