ReactOS  0.4.15-dev-5446-g3f3714b
pk_internal.h File Reference

Public Key abstraction layer: wrapper functions. More...

#include "config.h"
#include "pk.h"
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struct  mbedtls_pk_info_t
struct  mbedtls_rsa_alt_context


const mbedtls_pk_info_t mbedtls_rsa_info
const mbedtls_pk_info_t mbedtls_eckey_info
const mbedtls_pk_info_t mbedtls_eckeydh_info
const mbedtls_pk_info_t mbedtls_ecdsa_info
const mbedtls_pk_info_t mbedtls_rsa_alt_info

Detailed Description

Public Key abstraction layer: wrapper functions.

Definition in file pk_internal.h.

Variable Documentation

◆ mbedtls_ecdsa_info

const mbedtls_pk_info_t mbedtls_ecdsa_info

◆ mbedtls_eckey_info

const mbedtls_pk_info_t mbedtls_eckey_info

◆ mbedtls_eckeydh_info

const mbedtls_pk_info_t mbedtls_eckeydh_info

◆ mbedtls_rsa_alt_info

const mbedtls_pk_info_t mbedtls_rsa_alt_info

◆ mbedtls_rsa_info

const mbedtls_pk_info_t mbedtls_rsa_info