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MultiLanguage::IMultiLanguage Interface Reference
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Public Member Functions

HRESULT GetNumberOfCodePageInfo ([out] UINT *pcCodePage)
HRESULT GetCodePageInfo ([in] UINT uiCodePage, [out] PMIMECPINFO pCodePageInfo)
HRESULT GetFamilyCodePage ([in] UINT uiCodePage, [out] UINT *puiFamilyCodePage)
HRESULT EnumCodePages ([in] DWORD grfFlags, [out] IEnumCodePage **ppEnumCodePage)
HRESULT GetCharsetInfo ([in] BSTR Charset, [in] PMIMECSETINFO pCharsetInfo)
HRESULT IsConvertible ([in] DWORD dwSrcEncoding, [in] DWORD dwDstEncoding)
HRESULT ConvertString ([in, out] DWORD *pdwMode, [in] DWORD dwSrcEncoding, [in] DWORD dwDstEncoding, [in] BYTE *pSrcStr, [in, out] UINT *pcSrcSize, [in] BYTE *pDstStr, [in, out] UINT *pcDstSize)
HRESULT ConvertStringToUnicode ([in, out] DWORD *pdwMode, [in] DWORD dwEncoding, [in] CHAR *pSrcStr, [in, out] UINT *pcSrcSize, [in] WCHAR *pDstStr, [in, out] UINT *pcDstSize)
HRESULT ConvertStringFromUnicode ([in, out] DWORD *pdwMode, [in] DWORD dwEncoding, [in] WCHAR *pSrcStr, [in, out] UINT *pcSrcSize, [in] CHAR *pDstStr, [in, out] UINT *pcDstSize)
HRESULT ConvertStringReset ()
HRESULT GetRfc1766FromLcid ([in] LCID Locale, [out] BSTR *pbstrRfc1766)
HRESULT GetLcidFromRfc1766 ([out] LCID *pLocale, [in] BSTR bstrRfc1766)
HRESULT EnumRfc1766 ([out] IEnumRfc1766 **ppEnumRfc1766)
HRESULT GetRfc1766Info ([in] LCID Locale, [out] PRFC1766INFO pRfc1766Info)
HRESULT CreateConvertCharset ([in] UINT uiSrcCodePage, [in] UINT uiDstCodePage, [in] DWORD dwProperty, [out] IMLangConvertCharset **ppMLangConvertCharset)
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HRESULT QueryInterface ([in] REFIID riid, [out, iid_is(riid)] void **ppvObject)
ULONG AddRef ()
ULONG Release ()

Additional Inherited Members

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typedef IUnknownLPUNKNOWN

Detailed Description

Definition at line 487 of file mlang.idl.

Member Function Documentation

◆ ConvertString()

HRESULT MultiLanguage::IMultiLanguage::ConvertString ( [in, out] DWORD pdwMode,
[in] DWORD  dwSrcEncoding,
[in] DWORD  dwDstEncoding,
[in] BYTE pSrcStr,
[in, out] UINT pcSrcSize,
[in] BYTE pDstStr,
[in, out] UINT pcDstSize 

◆ ConvertStringFromUnicode()

HRESULT MultiLanguage::IMultiLanguage::ConvertStringFromUnicode ( [in, out] DWORD pdwMode,
[in] DWORD  dwEncoding,
[in] WCHAR pSrcStr,
[in, out] UINT pcSrcSize,
[in] CHAR pDstStr,
[in, out] UINT pcDstSize 

◆ ConvertStringReset()

HRESULT MultiLanguage::IMultiLanguage::ConvertStringReset ( )

◆ ConvertStringToUnicode()

HRESULT MultiLanguage::IMultiLanguage::ConvertStringToUnicode ( [in, out] DWORD pdwMode,
[in] DWORD  dwEncoding,
[in] CHAR pSrcStr,
[in, out] UINT pcSrcSize,
[in] WCHAR pDstStr,
[in, out] UINT pcDstSize 

◆ CreateConvertCharset()

HRESULT MultiLanguage::IMultiLanguage::CreateConvertCharset ( [in] UINT  uiSrcCodePage,
[in] UINT  uiDstCodePage,
[in] DWORD  dwProperty,
[out] IMLangConvertCharset **  ppMLangConvertCharset 

◆ EnumCodePages()

HRESULT MultiLanguage::IMultiLanguage::EnumCodePages ( [in] DWORD  grfFlags,
[out] IEnumCodePage **  ppEnumCodePage 

◆ EnumRfc1766()

HRESULT MultiLanguage::IMultiLanguage::EnumRfc1766 ( [out] IEnumRfc1766 **  ppEnumRfc1766)

◆ GetCharsetInfo()

HRESULT MultiLanguage::IMultiLanguage::GetCharsetInfo ( [in] BSTR  Charset,
[in] PMIMECSETINFO  pCharsetInfo 

◆ GetCodePageInfo()

HRESULT MultiLanguage::IMultiLanguage::GetCodePageInfo ( [in] UINT  uiCodePage,
[out] PMIMECPINFO  pCodePageInfo 

◆ GetFamilyCodePage()

HRESULT MultiLanguage::IMultiLanguage::GetFamilyCodePage ( [in] UINT  uiCodePage,
[out] UINT puiFamilyCodePage 

◆ GetLcidFromRfc1766()

HRESULT MultiLanguage::IMultiLanguage::GetLcidFromRfc1766 ( [out] LCID pLocale,
[in] BSTR  bstrRfc1766 

◆ GetNumberOfCodePageInfo()

HRESULT MultiLanguage::IMultiLanguage::GetNumberOfCodePageInfo ( [out] UINT pcCodePage)

◆ GetRfc1766FromLcid()

HRESULT MultiLanguage::IMultiLanguage::GetRfc1766FromLcid ( [in] LCID  Locale,
[out] BSTR pbstrRfc1766 

◆ GetRfc1766Info()

HRESULT MultiLanguage::IMultiLanguage::GetRfc1766Info ( [in] LCID  Locale,
[out] PRFC1766INFO  pRfc1766Info 

◆ IsConvertible()

HRESULT MultiLanguage::IMultiLanguage::IsConvertible ( [in] DWORD  dwSrcEncoding,
[in] DWORD  dwDstEncoding 

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