ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8236-g99f0937
fsutil.c File Reference
#include "fsutil.h"
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static void PrintUsage (const TCHAR *Command)
int __cdecl _tmain (int argc, const TCHAR *argv[])


HandlerProc DirtyMain
HandlerProc FsInfoMain
HandlerProc HardLinkMain
HandlerProc VolumeMain
static HandlerItem HandlersList []

Function Documentation

◆ _tmain()

int __cdecl _tmain ( int  argc,
const TCHAR argv[] 

Definition at line 34 of file fsutil.c.

37 (sizeof(HandlersList) / sizeof(HandlersList[0])),
static int argc
Definition: ServiceArgs.c:12
static HandlerItem HandlersList[]
Definition: fsutil.c:16
int FindHandler(int argc, const TCHAR *argv[], HandlerItem *HandlersList, int HandlerListCount, void(*UsageHelper)(const TCHAR *))
Definition: common.c:11
#define argv
Definition: mplay32.c:18
void PrintUsage()
Definition: nslookup.c:68

◆ PrintUsage()

static void PrintUsage ( const TCHAR Command)

Definition at line 26 of file fsutil.c.

29 (sizeof(HandlersList) / sizeof(HandlersList[0])));
void PrintDefaultUsage(const TCHAR *Command, const TCHAR *SubCommand, HandlerItem *HandlersList, int HandlerListCount)
Definition: common.c:102
Definition: shell.h:41
#define _T(x)
Definition: vfdio.h:22

Variable Documentation

◆ DirtyMain

HandlerProc DirtyMain

Definition at line 12 of file fsutil.c.

◆ FsInfoMain

HandlerProc FsInfoMain

Definition at line 13 of file fsutil.c.

◆ HandlersList

HandlerItem HandlersList[]
Initial value:
{ DirtyMain, _T("dirty"), _T("Manipulates the dirty bit") },
{ FsInfoMain, _T("fsinfo"), _T("Gathers informations about file systems") },
{ HardLinkMain, _T("hardlink"), _T("Handles hard links") },
{ VolumeMain, _T("volume"), _T("Manages volumes") },
HandlerProc DirtyMain
Definition: fsutil.c:12
HandlerProc VolumeMain
Definition: fsutil.c:15
HandlerProc HardLinkMain
Definition: fsutil.c:14
HandlerProc FsInfoMain
Definition: fsutil.c:13

Definition at line 16 of file fsutil.c.

Referenced by _tmain(), and PrintUsage().

◆ HardLinkMain

HandlerProc HardLinkMain

Definition at line 14 of file fsutil.c.

◆ VolumeMain

HandlerProc VolumeMain

Definition at line 15 of file fsutil.c.