ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8102-g108db8f
msi_dialog_tag Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for msi_dialog_tag:

Public Attributes

control_event_handler event_handler
BOOL finished
INT scale
DWORD attributes
SIZE size
HWND hwnd
LPWSTR default_font
struct list fonts
struct list controls
HWND hWndFocus
LPWSTR control_default
LPWSTR control_cancel
event_handler pending_event
LPWSTR pending_argument
INT retval
WCHAR name [1]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 88 of file dialog.c.

Member Data Documentation

◆ attributes

DWORD msi_dialog_tag::attributes

Definition at line 95 of file dialog.c.

◆ control_cancel

LPWSTR msi_dialog_tag::control_cancel

Definition at line 103 of file dialog.c.

◆ control_default

LPWSTR msi_dialog_tag::control_default

Definition at line 102 of file dialog.c.

◆ controls

struct list msi_dialog_tag::controls

Definition at line 100 of file dialog.c.

◆ default_font

LPWSTR msi_dialog_tag::default_font

Definition at line 98 of file dialog.c.

◆ event_handler

control_event_handler msi_dialog_tag::event_handler

Definition at line 92 of file dialog.c.

◆ finished

BOOL msi_dialog_tag::finished

Definition at line 93 of file dialog.c.

◆ fonts

struct list msi_dialog_tag::fonts

Definition at line 99 of file dialog.c.

◆ hwnd

HWND msi_dialog_tag::hwnd

Definition at line 97 of file dialog.c.

◆ hWndFocus

HWND msi_dialog_tag::hWndFocus

Definition at line 101 of file dialog.c.

◆ name

WCHAR msi_dialog_tag::name[1]

Definition at line 107 of file dialog.c.

Referenced by event_cleanup_subscriptions().

◆ package

MSIPACKAGE* msi_dialog_tag::package

Definition at line 90 of file dialog.c.

Referenced by msi_listview_add_item().

◆ parent

msi_dialog* msi_dialog_tag::parent

Definition at line 91 of file dialog.c.

◆ pending_argument

LPWSTR msi_dialog_tag::pending_argument

Definition at line 105 of file dialog.c.

◆ pending_event

event_handler msi_dialog_tag::pending_event

Definition at line 104 of file dialog.c.

◆ retval

INT msi_dialog_tag::retval

Definition at line 106 of file dialog.c.

◆ scale

INT msi_dialog_tag::scale

Definition at line 94 of file dialog.c.

◆ size

SIZE msi_dialog_tag::size

Definition at line 96 of file dialog.c.

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