ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8131-g4988de4
PFR_PhyFontRec_ Struct Reference

#include <pfrtypes.h>

Collaboration diagram for PFR_PhyFontRec_:

Public Attributes

FT_Memory memory
FT_UInt32 offset
FT_UInt font_ref_number
FT_UInt outline_resolution
FT_UInt metrics_resolution
FT_BBox bbox
FT_UInt flags
FT_Int standard_advance
FT_Int ascent
FT_Int descent
FT_Int leading
PFR_DimensionRec horizontal
PFR_DimensionRec vertical
FT_UInt num_strikes
FT_UInt max_strikes
FT_UInt num_blue_values
FT_UInt blue_fuzz
FT_UInt blue_scale
FT_UInt num_chars
FT_Offset chars_offset
PFR_Char chars
FT_UInt num_kern_pairs
PFR_KernItem kern_items
FT_ULong bct_offset

Detailed Description

Definition at line 205 of file pfrtypes.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ ascent

FT_Int PFR_PhyFontRec_::ascent

Definition at line 217 of file pfrtypes.h.

◆ bbox

FT_BBox PFR_PhyFontRec_::bbox

Definition at line 213 of file pfrtypes.h.

◆ bct_offset

FT_ULong PFR_PhyFontRec_::bct_offset

Definition at line 246 of file pfrtypes.h.

◆ blue_fuzz

FT_UInt PFR_PhyFontRec_::blue_fuzz

Definition at line 234 of file pfrtypes.h.

◆ blue_scale

FT_UInt PFR_PhyFontRec_::blue_scale

Definition at line 235 of file pfrtypes.h.

◆ blue_values

FT_Int* PFR_PhyFontRec_::blue_values

Definition at line 233 of file pfrtypes.h.

◆ chars

PFR_Char PFR_PhyFontRec_::chars

Definition at line 239 of file pfrtypes.h.

Referenced by pfr_face_get_kerning(), pfr_face_init(), and pfr_get_advance().

◆ chars_offset

FT_Offset PFR_PhyFontRec_::chars_offset

Definition at line 238 of file pfrtypes.h.

◆ cursor

FT_Byte* PFR_PhyFontRec_::cursor

Definition at line 247 of file pfrtypes.h.

◆ descent

FT_Int PFR_PhyFontRec_::descent

Definition at line 218 of file pfrtypes.h.

◆ family_name

FT_String* PFR_PhyFontRec_::family_name

Definition at line 225 of file pfrtypes.h.

◆ flags

FT_UInt PFR_PhyFontRec_::flags

Definition at line 214 of file pfrtypes.h.

◆ font_id

FT_String* PFR_PhyFontRec_::font_id

Definition at line 224 of file pfrtypes.h.

◆ font_ref_number

FT_UInt PFR_PhyFontRec_::font_ref_number

Definition at line 210 of file pfrtypes.h.

◆ horizontal

PFR_DimensionRec PFR_PhyFontRec_::horizontal

Definition at line 221 of file pfrtypes.h.

◆ kern_items

PFR_KernItem PFR_PhyFontRec_::kern_items

Definition at line 242 of file pfrtypes.h.

Referenced by pfr_face_get_kerning().

◆ kern_items_tail

PFR_KernItem* PFR_PhyFontRec_::kern_items_tail

Definition at line 243 of file pfrtypes.h.

◆ leading

FT_Int PFR_PhyFontRec_::leading

Definition at line 219 of file pfrtypes.h.

◆ max_strikes

FT_UInt PFR_PhyFontRec_::max_strikes

Definition at line 229 of file pfrtypes.h.

◆ memory

FT_Memory PFR_PhyFontRec_::memory

Definition at line 207 of file pfrtypes.h.

◆ metrics_resolution

FT_UInt PFR_PhyFontRec_::metrics_resolution

Definition at line 212 of file pfrtypes.h.

Referenced by pfr_get_kerning(), and pfr_get_metrics().

◆ num_blue_values

FT_UInt PFR_PhyFontRec_::num_blue_values

Definition at line 232 of file pfrtypes.h.

◆ num_chars

FT_UInt PFR_PhyFontRec_::num_chars

Definition at line 237 of file pfrtypes.h.

Referenced by pfr_face_get_kerning(), and pfr_face_init().

◆ num_kern_pairs

FT_UInt PFR_PhyFontRec_::num_kern_pairs

Definition at line 241 of file pfrtypes.h.

◆ num_strikes

FT_UInt PFR_PhyFontRec_::num_strikes

Definition at line 228 of file pfrtypes.h.

Referenced by pfr_face_init().

◆ offset

FT_UInt32 PFR_PhyFontRec_::offset

Definition at line 208 of file pfrtypes.h.

◆ outline_resolution

FT_UInt PFR_PhyFontRec_::outline_resolution

Definition at line 211 of file pfrtypes.h.

Referenced by pfr_get_kerning(), and pfr_get_metrics().

◆ standard_advance

FT_Int PFR_PhyFontRec_::standard_advance

Definition at line 215 of file pfrtypes.h.

◆ strikes

PFR_StrikeRec* PFR_PhyFontRec_::strikes

Definition at line 230 of file pfrtypes.h.

◆ style_name

FT_String* PFR_PhyFontRec_::style_name

Definition at line 226 of file pfrtypes.h.

◆ vertical

PFR_DimensionRec PFR_PhyFontRec_::vertical

Definition at line 222 of file pfrtypes.h.

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