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directory Struct Reference

#include <mkisofs.h>

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Public Attributes

struct directorynext
struct directorysubdir
struct directoryparent
struct directory_entrycontents
struct directory_entryjcontents
struct directory_entryself
unsigned int ce_bytes
unsigned int depth
unsigned int size
unsigned int extent
unsigned int jsize
unsigned int jextent
unsigned int path_index
unsigned int jpath_index
unsigned short dir_flags
unsigned short dir_nlink

Detailed Description

Definition at line 266 of file mkisofs.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ ce_bytes

unsigned int directory::ce_bytes

Definition at line 276 of file mkisofs.h.

Referenced by assign_directory_addresses(), generate_one_directory(), and sort_n_finish().

◆ contents

◆ de_name

◆ de_path

char* directory::de_path

Definition at line 274 of file mkisofs.h.

Referenced by find_or_create_directory(), and set_de_path().

◆ depth

◆ dir_flags

◆ dir_nlink

unsigned short directory::dir_nlink

Definition at line 286 of file mkisofs.h.

◆ extent

◆ jcontents

struct directory_entry* directory::jcontents

Definition at line 271 of file mkisofs.h.

Referenced by generate_one_joliet_directory(), and joliet_sort_n_finish().

◆ jextent

◆ jpath_index

unsigned int directory::jpath_index

◆ jsize

◆ next

◆ parent

◆ path_index

unsigned int directory::path_index

Definition at line 283 of file mkisofs.h.

Referenced by assign_directory_addresses(), build_pathlist(), and generate_path_tables().

◆ self

◆ size

◆ subdir

◆ whole_name

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