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BindProtocol Struct Reference

#include <urlmon_main.h>

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Public Attributes

IInternetProtocolEx IInternetProtocolEx_iface
IInternetBindInfo IInternetBindInfo_iface
IInternetPriority IInternetPriority_iface
IServiceProvider IServiceProvider_iface
IInternetProtocolSink IInternetProtocolSink_iface
LONG ref
struct {
   IInternetProtocol   IInternetProtocol_iface
   IInternetProtocolSink   IInternetProtocolSink_iface
LONG priority
BOOL reported_result
BOOL reported_mime
DWORD bscf
ULONG progress
ULONG progress_max
DWORD apartment_thread
HWND notif_hwnd
DWORD continue_call
DWORD buf_size
BSTR display_uri

Detailed Description

Definition at line 174 of file urlmon_main.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ apartment_thread

DWORD BindProtocol::apartment_thread

Definition at line 208 of file urlmon_main.h.

◆ bind_info

IInternetBindInfo* BindProtocol::bind_info

Definition at line 186 of file urlmon_main.h.

◆ bscf

DWORD BindProtocol::bscf

Definition at line 204 of file urlmon_main.h.

◆ buf

BYTE* BindProtocol::buf

Definition at line 215 of file urlmon_main.h.

◆ buf_size

DWORD BindProtocol::buf_size

Definition at line 216 of file urlmon_main.h.

◆ continue_call

DWORD BindProtocol::continue_call

Definition at line 210 of file urlmon_main.h.


struct { ... } BindProtocol::default_protocol_handler

◆ display_uri

BSTR BindProtocol::display_uri

Definition at line 219 of file urlmon_main.h.

◆ IInternetBindInfo_iface

IInternetBindInfo BindProtocol::IInternetBindInfo_iface

Definition at line 176 of file urlmon_main.h.

◆ IInternetPriority_iface

IInternetPriority BindProtocol::IInternetPriority_iface

Definition at line 177 of file urlmon_main.h.

◆ IInternetProtocol_iface

IInternetProtocol BindProtocol::IInternetProtocol_iface

Definition at line 192 of file urlmon_main.h.

Referenced by impl_from_IInternetProtocol().

◆ IInternetProtocolEx_iface

IInternetProtocolEx BindProtocol::IInternetProtocolEx_iface

Definition at line 175 of file urlmon_main.h.

Referenced by bind_to_storage(), create_object(), start_binding(), and stop_binding().

◆ IInternetProtocolSink_iface

IInternetProtocolSink BindProtocol::IInternetProtocolSink_iface

Definition at line 179 of file urlmon_main.h.

Referenced by impl_from_IInternetProtocolSinkHandler().

◆ IServiceProvider_iface

IServiceProvider BindProtocol::IServiceProvider_iface

Definition at line 178 of file urlmon_main.h.

◆ mime

LPWSTR BindProtocol::mime

Definition at line 217 of file urlmon_main.h.

◆ notif_hwnd

HWND BindProtocol::notif_hwnd

Definition at line 209 of file urlmon_main.h.

◆ pi

DWORD BindProtocol::pi

Definition at line 202 of file urlmon_main.h.

◆ priority

LONG BindProtocol::priority

Definition at line 198 of file urlmon_main.h.

◆ progress

ULONG BindProtocol::progress

Definition at line 205 of file urlmon_main.h.

◆ progress_max

ULONG BindProtocol::progress_max

Definition at line 206 of file urlmon_main.h.

◆ protocol

IInternetProtocol* BindProtocol::protocol

Definition at line 184 of file urlmon_main.h.

◆ protocol_handler

IInternetProtocol* BindProtocol::protocol_handler

Definition at line 195 of file urlmon_main.h.

◆ protocol_sink

IInternetProtocolSink* BindProtocol::protocol_sink

Definition at line 187 of file urlmon_main.h.

◆ protocol_sink_handler

IInternetProtocolSink* BindProtocol::protocol_sink_handler

Definition at line 196 of file urlmon_main.h.

◆ protocol_unk

IUnknown* BindProtocol::protocol_unk

Definition at line 183 of file urlmon_main.h.

◆ redirect_callback

IBindCallbackRedirect* BindProtocol::redirect_callback

Definition at line 189 of file urlmon_main.h.

◆ ref

LONG BindProtocol::ref

Definition at line 181 of file urlmon_main.h.

◆ reported_mime

BOOL BindProtocol::reported_mime

Definition at line 201 of file urlmon_main.h.

◆ reported_result

BOOL BindProtocol::reported_result

Definition at line 200 of file urlmon_main.h.

◆ section

CRITICAL_SECTION BindProtocol::section

Definition at line 212 of file urlmon_main.h.

◆ service_provider

IServiceProvider* BindProtocol::service_provider

Definition at line 188 of file urlmon_main.h.

◆ task_queue_head

task_header_t* BindProtocol::task_queue_head

Definition at line 213 of file urlmon_main.h.

◆ task_queue_tail

task_header_t * BindProtocol::task_queue_tail

Definition at line 213 of file urlmon_main.h.

◆ uri

IUri* BindProtocol::uri

Definition at line 218 of file urlmon_main.h.

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