ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8096-ga0eec98
parser_ctx_t Struct Reference

#include <parse.h>

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Public Attributes

const WCHARcode
const WCHARptr
const WCHARend
BOOL option_explicit
BOOL parse_complete
BOOL is_html
int last_token
unsigned last_nl
heap_pool_t heap

Detailed Description

Definition at line 259 of file parse.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ class_decls

class_decl_t* parser_ctx_t::class_decls

Definition at line 274 of file parse.h.

◆ code

const WCHAR* parser_ctx_t::code

Definition at line 260 of file parse.h.

◆ end

const WCHAR* parser_ctx_t::end

Definition at line 262 of file parse.h.

◆ heap

heap_pool_t parser_ctx_t::heap

Definition at line 276 of file parse.h.

◆ hres

HRESULT parser_ctx_t::hres

Definition at line 267 of file parse.h.

◆ is_html

BOOL parser_ctx_t::is_html

Definition at line 266 of file parse.h.

◆ last_nl

unsigned parser_ctx_t::last_nl

Definition at line 270 of file parse.h.

◆ last_token

int parser_ctx_t::last_token

Definition at line 269 of file parse.h.

◆ option_explicit

BOOL parser_ctx_t::option_explicit

Definition at line 264 of file parse.h.

◆ parse_complete

BOOL parser_ctx_t::parse_complete

Definition at line 265 of file parse.h.

◆ ptr

const WCHAR* parser_ctx_t::ptr

Definition at line 261 of file parse.h.

◆ stats

statement_t* parser_ctx_t::stats

Definition at line 272 of file parse.h.

◆ stats_tail

statement_t* parser_ctx_t::stats_tail

Definition at line 273 of file parse.h.

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