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IRichEditOle Interface Reference
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Public Types

- Public Types inherited from IUnknown
typedef IUnknownLPUNKNOWN

Public Member Functions

HRESULT GetClientSite (LPOLECLIENTSITE *lplpolesite)
HRESULT GetObjectCount ()
HRESULT GetLinkCount ()
HRESULT GetObject (LONG iob, REOBJECT *lpreobject, DWORD dwFlags)
HRESULT InsertObject (REOBJECT *lpreobject)
HRESULT ConvertObject (LONG iob, REFCLSID rclsidNew, LPCSTR lpstrUserTypeNew)
HRESULT ActivateAs (REFCLSID rclsid, REFCLSID rclsidAs)
HRESULT SetHostNames (LPCSTR lpstrContainerApp, LPCSTR lpstrContainerObj)
HRESULT SetLinkAvailable (LONG iob, BOOL fAvailable)
HRESULT SetDvaspect (LONG iob, DWORD dvaspect)
HRESULT HandsOffStorage (LONG iob)
HRESULT SaveCompleted (LONG iob, LPSTORAGE lpstg)
HRESULT InPlaceDeactivate ()
HRESULT ContextSensitiveHelp (BOOL fEnterMode)
HRESULT GetClipboardData (CHARRANGE *lpchrg, DWORD reco, LPDATAOBJECT *lplpdataobj)
HRESULT ImportDataObject (LPDATAOBJECT lpdataobj, CLIPFORMAT cf, HGLOBAL hMetaPict)
- Public Member Functions inherited from IUnknown
HRESULT QueryInterface ([in] REFIID riid, [out, iid_is(riid)] void **ppvObject)
ULONG AddRef ()
ULONG Release ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 89 of file richole.idl.

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Definition at line 91 of file richole.idl.

Member Function Documentation

◆ ActivateAs()

HRESULT IRichEditOle::ActivateAs ( REFCLSID  rclsid,
REFCLSID  rclsidAs 

◆ ContextSensitiveHelp()

HRESULT IRichEditOle::ContextSensitiveHelp ( BOOL  fEnterMode)

◆ ConvertObject()

HRESULT IRichEditOle::ConvertObject ( LONG  iob,
REFCLSID  rclsidNew,
LPCSTR  lpstrUserTypeNew 

◆ GetClientSite()

HRESULT IRichEditOle::GetClientSite ( LPOLECLIENTSITE *  lplpolesite)

◆ GetClipboardData()

HRESULT IRichEditOle::GetClipboardData ( CHARRANGE lpchrg,
DWORD  reco,
LPDATAOBJECT lplpdataobj 

◆ GetLinkCount()

HRESULT IRichEditOle::GetLinkCount ( )

◆ GetObject()

HRESULT IRichEditOle::GetObject ( LONG  iob,
REOBJECT lpreobject,
DWORD  dwFlags 

◆ GetObjectCount()

HRESULT IRichEditOle::GetObjectCount ( )

◆ HandsOffStorage()

HRESULT IRichEditOle::HandsOffStorage ( LONG  iob)

◆ ImportDataObject()

HRESULT IRichEditOle::ImportDataObject ( LPDATAOBJECT  lpdataobj,
HGLOBAL  hMetaPict 

◆ InPlaceDeactivate()

HRESULT IRichEditOle::InPlaceDeactivate ( )

◆ InsertObject()

HRESULT IRichEditOle::InsertObject ( REOBJECT lpreobject)

◆ SaveCompleted()

HRESULT IRichEditOle::SaveCompleted ( LONG  iob,

◆ SetDvaspect()

HRESULT IRichEditOle::SetDvaspect ( LONG  iob,
DWORD  dvaspect 

◆ SetHostNames()

HRESULT IRichEditOle::SetHostNames ( LPCSTR  lpstrContainerApp,
LPCSTR  lpstrContainerObj 

◆ SetLinkAvailable()

HRESULT IRichEditOle::SetLinkAvailable ( LONG  iob,
BOOL  fAvailable 

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