ReactOS  0.4.15-dev-3175-g222acf5
SEALED_::RedirectArguments Struct Reference

Public Attributes

uint32 flags
uint32 server_len
uint32 cookie_len
uint32 username_len
uint32 domain_len
uint32 password_len

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1696 of file activex.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ cookie

char* SEALED_::RedirectArguments::cookie

Definition at line 1702 of file activex.cpp.

◆ cookie_len

uint32 SEALED_::RedirectArguments::cookie_len

Definition at line 1701 of file activex.cpp.

◆ domain

wchar_t* SEALED_::RedirectArguments::domain

Definition at line 1706 of file activex.cpp.

◆ domain_len

uint32 SEALED_::RedirectArguments::domain_len

Definition at line 1705 of file activex.cpp.

◆ flags

uint32 SEALED_::RedirectArguments::flags

Definition at line 1698 of file activex.cpp.

◆ password

wchar_t* SEALED_::RedirectArguments::password

Definition at line 1708 of file activex.cpp.

◆ password_len

uint32 SEALED_::RedirectArguments::password_len

Definition at line 1707 of file activex.cpp.

◆ server

wchar_t* SEALED_::RedirectArguments::server

Definition at line 1700 of file activex.cpp.

◆ server_len

uint32 SEALED_::RedirectArguments::server_len

Definition at line 1699 of file activex.cpp.

◆ username

wchar_t* SEALED_::RedirectArguments::username

Definition at line 1704 of file activex.cpp.

◆ username_len

uint32 SEALED_::RedirectArguments::username_len

Definition at line 1703 of file activex.cpp.

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