ReactOS  0.4.15-dev-5499-g1341c38
negotiate.h File Reference
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void SECUR32_initNegotiateSP (void) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN

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void SECUR32_initNegotiateSP ( void  )

Definition at line 516 of file negotiate.c.

517 {
524  SECUR32_addPackages(provider, 1L, &infoA, &infoW);
525 }
void SECUR32_addPackages(SecureProvider *provider, ULONG toAdd, const SecPkgInfoA *infoA, const SecPkgInfoW *infoW) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: secur32_wine.c:362
static WCHAR nego_name_W[]
Definition: negotiate.c:495
static CHAR negotiate_comment_A[]
Definition: negotiate.c:501
static const SecurityFunctionTableW negoTableW
Definition: negotiate.c:462
static const SecPkgInfoA infoA
Definition: kerberos.c:302
SecureProvider * SECUR32_addProvider(const SecurityFunctionTableA *fnTableA, const SecurityFunctionTableW *fnTableW, PCWSTR moduleName) DECLSPEC_HIDDEN
Definition: secur32_wine.c:314
#define L(x)
Definition: ntvdm.h:50
static char nego_name_A[]
Definition: negotiate.c:496
static const SecurityFunctionTableA negoTableA
Definition: negotiate.c:431
Definition: rpcdce.h:157
static const SecPkgInfoW infoW
Definition: kerberos.c:293
static WCHAR negotiate_comment_W[]
Definition: negotiate.c:498
Definition: negotiate.c:493
#define NULL
Definition: types.h:112
#define CAPS
Definition: negotiate.c:503

Referenced by SECUR32_initializeProviders().