ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8219-ge8b88cf
debug.h File Reference
#include "lwip/arch.h"
#include "lwip/opt.h"
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#define LWIP_DBG_LEVEL_ALL   0x00
#define LWIP_DBG_LEVEL_OFF   LWIP_DBG_LEVEL_ALL /* compatibility define only */
#define LWIP_DBG_LEVEL_WARNING   0x01 /* bad checksums, dropped packets, ... */
#define LWIP_DBG_LEVEL_SERIOUS   0x02 /* memory allocation failures, ... */
#define LWIP_DBG_LEVEL_SEVERE   0x03
#define LWIP_DBG_MASK_LEVEL   0x03
#define LWIP_DBG_ON   0x80U
#define LWIP_DBG_OFF   0x00U
#define LWIP_DBG_TRACE   0x40U
#define LWIP_DBG_STATE   0x20U
#define LWIP_DBG_FRESH   0x10U
#define LWIP_DBG_HALT   0x08U
#define LWIP_ASSERT(message, assertion)
#define LWIP_ERROR(message, expression, handler)
#define LWIP_DEBUGF(debug, message)

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#define LWIP_ASSERT (   message,
do { if(!(assertion)) \
LWIP_PLATFORM_ASSERT(message); } while(0)
Definition: tftpd.h:60

Definition at line 66 of file debug.h.


#define LWIP_DBG_FRESH   0x10U

flag for LWIP_DEBUGF indicating newly added code, not thoroughly tested yet

Definition at line 61 of file debug.h.


#define LWIP_DBG_HALT   0x08U

flag for LWIP_DEBUGF to halt after printing this debug message

Definition at line 63 of file debug.h.


#define LWIP_DBG_LEVEL_ALL   0x00

lower two bits indicate debug level

  • 0 all
  • 1 warning
  • 2 serious
  • 3 severe

Definition at line 44 of file debug.h.


#define LWIP_DBG_LEVEL_OFF   LWIP_DBG_LEVEL_ALL /* compatibility define only */

Definition at line 45 of file debug.h.


#define LWIP_DBG_LEVEL_SERIOUS   0x02 /* memory allocation failures, ... */

Definition at line 47 of file debug.h.


#define LWIP_DBG_LEVEL_SEVERE   0x03

Definition at line 48 of file debug.h.


#define LWIP_DBG_LEVEL_WARNING   0x01 /* bad checksums, dropped packets, ... */

Definition at line 46 of file debug.h.


#define LWIP_DBG_MASK_LEVEL   0x03

Definition at line 49 of file debug.h.


#define LWIP_DBG_OFF   0x00U

flag for LWIP_DEBUGF to disable that debug message

Definition at line 54 of file debug.h.


#define LWIP_DBG_ON   0x80U

flag for LWIP_DEBUGF to enable that debug message

Definition at line 52 of file debug.h.


#define LWIP_DBG_STATE   0x20U

flag for LWIP_DEBUGF indicating a state debug message (to follow module states)

Definition at line 59 of file debug.h.


#define LWIP_DBG_TRACE   0x40U

flag for LWIP_DEBUGF indicating a tracing message (to follow program flow)

Definition at line 57 of file debug.h.


#define LWIP_DEBUGF (   debug,

Definition at line 95 of file debug.h.


#define LWIP_ERROR (   message,
do { if (!(expression)) { \
LWIP_PLATFORM_ASSERT(message); handler;}} while(0)
UINT(* handler)(MSIPACKAGE *)
Definition: action.c:7482

if "expression" isn't true, then print "message" and execute "handler" expression

Definition at line 74 of file debug.h.