ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8349-g6f277e9
PFR_HeaderRec_ Struct Reference

#include <pfrtypes.h>

Public Attributes

FT_UInt32 signature
FT_UInt version
FT_UInt signature2
FT_UInt header_size
FT_UInt log_dir_size
FT_UInt log_dir_offset
FT_UInt log_font_max_size
FT_UInt32 log_font_section_size
FT_UInt32 log_font_section_offset
FT_UInt32 phy_font_max_size
FT_UInt32 phy_font_section_size
FT_UInt32 phy_font_section_offset
FT_UInt gps_max_size
FT_UInt32 gps_section_size
FT_UInt32 gps_section_offset
FT_UInt max_blue_values
FT_UInt max_x_orus
FT_UInt max_y_orus
FT_UInt phy_font_max_size_high
FT_UInt color_flags
FT_UInt32 bct_max_size
FT_UInt32 bct_set_max_size
FT_UInt32 phy_bct_set_max_size
FT_UInt num_phy_fonts
FT_UInt max_vert_stem_snap
FT_UInt max_horz_stem_snap
FT_UInt max_chars

Detailed Description

Definition at line 30 of file pfrtypes.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ bct_max_size

FT_UInt32 PFR_HeaderRec_::bct_max_size

Definition at line 59 of file pfrtypes.h.

◆ bct_set_max_size

FT_UInt32 PFR_HeaderRec_::bct_set_max_size

Definition at line 60 of file pfrtypes.h.

◆ color_flags

FT_UInt PFR_HeaderRec_::color_flags

Definition at line 57 of file pfrtypes.h.

◆ gps_max_size

FT_UInt PFR_HeaderRec_::gps_max_size

Definition at line 48 of file pfrtypes.h.

◆ gps_section_offset

FT_UInt32 PFR_HeaderRec_::gps_section_offset

Definition at line 50 of file pfrtypes.h.

◆ gps_section_size

FT_UInt32 PFR_HeaderRec_::gps_section_size

Definition at line 49 of file pfrtypes.h.

◆ header_size

FT_UInt PFR_HeaderRec_::header_size

Definition at line 35 of file pfrtypes.h.

◆ log_dir_offset

FT_UInt PFR_HeaderRec_::log_dir_offset

Definition at line 38 of file pfrtypes.h.

◆ log_dir_size

FT_UInt PFR_HeaderRec_::log_dir_size

Definition at line 37 of file pfrtypes.h.

◆ log_font_max_size

FT_UInt PFR_HeaderRec_::log_font_max_size

Definition at line 40 of file pfrtypes.h.

◆ log_font_section_offset

FT_UInt32 PFR_HeaderRec_::log_font_section_offset

Definition at line 42 of file pfrtypes.h.

◆ log_font_section_size

FT_UInt32 PFR_HeaderRec_::log_font_section_size

Definition at line 41 of file pfrtypes.h.

◆ max_blue_values

FT_UInt PFR_HeaderRec_::max_blue_values

Definition at line 52 of file pfrtypes.h.

◆ max_chars

FT_UInt PFR_HeaderRec_::max_chars

Definition at line 66 of file pfrtypes.h.

◆ max_horz_stem_snap

FT_UInt PFR_HeaderRec_::max_horz_stem_snap

Definition at line 65 of file pfrtypes.h.

◆ max_vert_stem_snap

FT_UInt PFR_HeaderRec_::max_vert_stem_snap

Definition at line 64 of file pfrtypes.h.

◆ max_x_orus

FT_UInt PFR_HeaderRec_::max_x_orus

Definition at line 53 of file pfrtypes.h.

◆ max_y_orus

FT_UInt PFR_HeaderRec_::max_y_orus

Definition at line 54 of file pfrtypes.h.

◆ num_phy_fonts

FT_UInt PFR_HeaderRec_::num_phy_fonts

Definition at line 63 of file pfrtypes.h.

◆ phy_bct_set_max_size

FT_UInt32 PFR_HeaderRec_::phy_bct_set_max_size

Definition at line 61 of file pfrtypes.h.

◆ phy_font_max_size

FT_UInt32 PFR_HeaderRec_::phy_font_max_size

Definition at line 44 of file pfrtypes.h.

◆ phy_font_max_size_high

FT_UInt PFR_HeaderRec_::phy_font_max_size_high

Definition at line 56 of file pfrtypes.h.

◆ phy_font_section_offset

FT_UInt32 PFR_HeaderRec_::phy_font_section_offset

Definition at line 46 of file pfrtypes.h.

◆ phy_font_section_size

FT_UInt32 PFR_HeaderRec_::phy_font_section_size

Definition at line 45 of file pfrtypes.h.

◆ signature

FT_UInt32 PFR_HeaderRec_::signature

Definition at line 32 of file pfrtypes.h.

◆ signature2

FT_UInt PFR_HeaderRec_::signature2

Definition at line 34 of file pfrtypes.h.

◆ version

FT_UInt PFR_HeaderRec_::version

Definition at line 33 of file pfrtypes.h.

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