ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8428-g6910fa6
gdidebug.h File Reference
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#define GDI_DBG_MAX_BTS   10
#define KeRosDumpStackFrames(Frames, Count)
#define DBG_LOGEVENT(pslh, type, val)   ((void)(val))
#define DBG_INITLOG(pslh)
#define DBG_DUMP_EVENT_LIST(pslh)


ULONG NTAPI DbgCaptureStackBackTace (_Out_writes_(cFramesToCapture) PVOID *ppvFrames, _In_ ULONG cFramesToSkip, _In_ ULONG cFramesToCapture)
BOOL NTAPI DbgGdiHTIntegrityCheck (VOID)
VOID NTAPI DbgDumpLockedGdiHandles (VOID)

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Definition at line 10 of file gdidebug.h.


#define DBG_CLEANUP_EVENT_LIST (   pslh)

Definition at line 112 of file gdidebug.h.


#define DBG_DUMP_EVENT_LIST (   pslh)

Definition at line 111 of file gdidebug.h.


#define DBG_INITLOG (   pslh)

Definition at line 110 of file gdidebug.h.


#define DBG_LOGEVENT (   pslh,
)    ((void)(val))

Definition at line 109 of file gdidebug.h.


#define GDI_DBG_MAX_BTS   10

Definition at line 3 of file gdidebug.h.

◆ KeRosDumpStackFrames

#define KeRosDumpStackFrames (   Frames,

Definition at line 11 of file gdidebug.h.

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◆ DbgCaptureStackBackTace()

ULONG NTAPI DbgCaptureStackBackTace ( _Out_writes_(cFramesToCapture) PVOID ppvFrames,
_In_ ULONG  cFramesToSkip,
_In_ ULONG  cFramesToCapture 

◆ DbgDumpLockedGdiHandles()

VOID NTAPI DbgDumpLockedGdiHandles ( VOID  )

◆ DbgGdiHTIntegrityCheck()

BOOL NTAPI DbgGdiHTIntegrityCheck ( VOID  )

Referenced by GDI_CleanupForProcess().