ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8219-ge8b88cf
enum_data Struct Reference
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Public Attributes

short orig_cs
short avail_cs
IDirectInputA * pDI
HWND hwnd
IDirectInput8A * pDI
IDirectInputDevice8A * keyboard
IDirectInputDevice8A * mouse
const charusername
int ndevices

Detailed Description

Definition at line 558 of file olefont.c.

Member Data Documentation

◆ avail_cs

short enum_data::avail_cs

Definition at line 561 of file olefont.c.

Referenced by font_enum_proc().

◆ hwnd

HWND enum_data::hwnd

Definition at line 174 of file device.c.

◆ keyboard

IDirectInputDevice8A* enum_data::keyboard

Definition at line 32 of file device.c.

◆ lpdiaf

DIACTIONFORMATA* enum_data::lpdiaf

Definition at line 31 of file device.c.

◆ mouse

IDirectInputDevice8A* enum_data::mouse

Definition at line 33 of file device.c.

◆ ndevices

int enum_data::ndevices

Definition at line 35 of file device.c.

◆ orig_cs

short enum_data::orig_cs

Definition at line 560 of file olefont.c.

◆ pDI [1/2]

IDirectInputA* enum_data::pDI

Definition at line 173 of file device.c.

Referenced by device_tests(), test_action_mapping(), and test_save_settings().

◆ pDI [2/2]

IDirectInput8A* enum_data::pDI

Definition at line 30 of file device.c.

◆ username

const char* enum_data::username

Definition at line 34 of file device.c.

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