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_IsRef< _Tp > Struct Template Reference

#include <boost_type_traits.h>

Public Types

enum  { _Is = ::boost::is_reference<_Tp>::value }
typedef __bool2type< _Is >::_Ret _Ret
typedef __false_type _Ret

Detailed Description

template<class _Tp>
struct _IsRef< _Tp >

Definition at line 48 of file boost_type_traits.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ _Ret [1/2]

template<class _Tp >
typedef __bool2type<_Is>::_Ret _IsRef< _Tp >::_Ret

Definition at line 50 of file boost_type_traits.h.

◆ _Ret [2/2]

template<class _Tp >
typedef __false_type _IsRef< _Tp >::_Ret

Definition at line 173 of file type_traits.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ anonymous enum

template<class _Tp >
anonymous enum

Definition at line 49 of file boost_type_traits.h.

GLsizei const GLfloat * value
Definition: glext.h:6069

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