ReactOS  0.4.15-dev-1152-g6c94e4f
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1 #pragma once
7 BOOL FASTCALL co_UserShowCaret(PWND WindowObject);
8 BOOL FASTCALL co_UserHideCaret(PWND WindowObject);
10 /* EOF */
#define Y(I)
#define FASTCALL
Definition: nt_native.h:50
struct TraceInfo Info
unsigned int BOOL
Definition: ntddk_ex.h:94
BOOL FASTCALL IntSwitchCaretShowing(PVOID Info)
BOOL FASTCALL co_UserHideCaret(PWND WindowObject)
BOOL FASTCALL co_IntSetCaretPos(int X, int Y)
Definition: caret.c:205
Definition: ntuser.h:657
unsigned int UINT
Definition: ndis.h:50
BOOL FASTCALL co_UserShowCaret(PWND WindowObject)
BOOL FASTCALL co_IntDestroyCaret(PTHREADINFO Win32Thread)
Definition: caret.c:164
BOOL FASTCALL IntSetCaretBlinkTime(UINT uMSeconds)
Definition: caret.c:188