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pointers.h File Reference
#include "types.h"
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void gl_init_api_function_pointers (GLcontext *ctx)

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◆ gl_init_api_function_pointers()

void gl_init_api_function_pointers ( GLcontext ctx)

Definition at line 531 of file pointers.c.

532 {
533  init_exec_pointers( &ctx->Exec );
535  init_dlist_pointers( &ctx->Save );
537  /* make sure there's no NULL pointers */
538  check_pointers( &ctx->Exec );
539  check_pointers( &ctx->Save );
540 }
static void init_dlist_pointers(struct gl_api_table *table)
Definition: pointers.c:347
static void check_pointers(struct gl_api_table *table)
Definition: pointers.c:140
static void init_exec_pointers(struct gl_api_table *table)
Definition: pointers.c:162

Referenced by gl_create_context().