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IWMProfile3 Interface Reference
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Public Member Functions

HRESULT GetStorageFormat ([out] WMT_STORAGE_FORMAT *storage)
HRESULT SetStorageFormat ([in] WMT_STORAGE_FORMAT storage)
HRESULT GetBandwidthSharingCount ([out] DWORD *count)
HRESULT GetBandwidthSharing ([in] DWORD index, [out] IWMBandwidthSharing **bandwidth)
HRESULT RemoveBandwidthSharing ([in] IWMBandwidthSharing *bandwidth)
HRESULT AddBandwidthSharing ([in] IWMBandwidthSharing *bandwidth)
HRESULT CreateNewBandwidthSharing ([out] IWMBandwidthSharing **bandwidth)
HRESULT GetStreamPrioritization ([out] IWMStreamPrioritization **stream)
HRESULT SetStreamPrioritization ([in] IWMStreamPrioritization *stream)
HRESULT RemoveStreamPrioritization ()
HRESULT CreateNewStreamPrioritization ([out] IWMStreamPrioritization **stream)
HRESULT GetExpectedPacketCount ([in] QWORD duration, [out] QWORD *packets)
- Public Member Functions inherited from IWMProfile2
HRESULT GetProfileID ([out] GUID *guid)
- Public Member Functions inherited from IWMProfile
HRESULT GetVersion ([out] WMT_VERSION *pdwVersion)
HRESULT GetName ([out, size_is(*pcchName)] WCHAR *pwszName, [in, out] DWORD *pcchName)
HRESULT SetName ([in] const WCHAR *pwszName)
HRESULT GetDescription ([out, size_is(*pcchDescription)] WCHAR *pwszDescription, [in, out] DWORD *pcchDescription)
HRESULT SetDescription ([in] const WCHAR *pwszDescription)
HRESULT GetStreamCount ([out] DWORD *pcStreams)
HRESULT GetStream ([in] DWORD dwStreamIndex, [out] IWMStreamConfig **ppConfig)
HRESULT GetStreamByNumber ([in] WORD wStreamNum, [out] IWMStreamConfig **ppConfig)
HRESULT RemoveStream ([in] IWMStreamConfig *pConfig)
HRESULT RemoveStreamByNumber ([in] WORD wStreamNum)
HRESULT AddStream ([in] IWMStreamConfig *pConfig)
HRESULT ReconfigStream ([in] IWMStreamConfig *pConfig)
HRESULT CreateNewStream ([in] REFGUID guidStreamType, [out] IWMStreamConfig **ppConfig)
HRESULT GetMutualExclusionCount ([out] DWORD *pcME)
HRESULT GetMutualExclusion ([in] DWORD dwMEIndex, [out] IWMMutualExclusion **ppME)
HRESULT RemoveMutualExclusion ([in] IWMMutualExclusion *pME)
HRESULT AddMutualExclusion ([in] IWMMutualExclusion *pME)
HRESULT CreateNewMutualExclusion ([out] IWMMutualExclusion **ppME)
- Public Member Functions inherited from IUnknown
HRESULT QueryInterface ([in] REFIID riid, [out, iid_is(riid)] void **ppvObject)
ULONG AddRef ()
ULONG Release ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from IUnknown
typedef IUnknownLPUNKNOWN

Detailed Description

Definition at line 443 of file wmsdkidl.idl.

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddBandwidthSharing()

HRESULT IWMProfile3::AddBandwidthSharing ( [in] IWMBandwidthSharing bandwidth)

◆ CreateNewBandwidthSharing()

HRESULT IWMProfile3::CreateNewBandwidthSharing ( [out] IWMBandwidthSharing **  bandwidth)

◆ CreateNewStreamPrioritization()

HRESULT IWMProfile3::CreateNewStreamPrioritization ( [out] IWMStreamPrioritization **  stream)

◆ GetBandwidthSharing()

HRESULT IWMProfile3::GetBandwidthSharing ( [in] DWORD  index,
[out] IWMBandwidthSharing **  bandwidth 

◆ GetBandwidthSharingCount()

HRESULT IWMProfile3::GetBandwidthSharingCount ( [out] DWORD count)

◆ GetExpectedPacketCount()

HRESULT IWMProfile3::GetExpectedPacketCount ( [in] QWORD  duration,
[out] QWORD packets 

◆ GetStorageFormat()

HRESULT IWMProfile3::GetStorageFormat ( [out] WMT_STORAGE_FORMAT storage)

◆ GetStreamPrioritization()

HRESULT IWMProfile3::GetStreamPrioritization ( [out] IWMStreamPrioritization **  stream)

◆ RemoveBandwidthSharing()

HRESULT IWMProfile3::RemoveBandwidthSharing ( [in] IWMBandwidthSharing bandwidth)

◆ RemoveStreamPrioritization()

HRESULT IWMProfile3::RemoveStreamPrioritization ( )

◆ SetStorageFormat()

HRESULT IWMProfile3::SetStorageFormat ( [in] WMT_STORAGE_FORMAT  storage)

◆ SetStreamPrioritization()

HRESULT IWMProfile3::SetStreamPrioritization ( [in] IWMStreamPrioritization stream)

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