ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-7108-g1cf6ce6
tcp_hashinfo Struct Reference

#include <tcpcore.h>

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Public Attributes

struct tcp_ehash_bucket__tcp_ehash
struct tcp_bind_hashbucket__tcp_bhash
int __tcp_bhash_size
int __tcp_ehash_size
struct sock__tcp_listening_hash [TCP_LHTABLE_SIZE]
rwlock_t __tcp_lhash_lock ____cacheline_aligned
atomic_t __tcp_lhash_users
wait_queue_head_t __tcp_lhash_wait
spinlock_t __tcp_portalloc_lock

Detailed Description

Definition at line 1888 of file tcpcore.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ ____cacheline_aligned

rwlock_t __tcp_lhash_lock tcp_hashinfo::____cacheline_aligned

Definition at line 1919 of file tcpcore.h.

◆ __tcp_bhash

struct tcp_bind_hashbucket* tcp_hashinfo::__tcp_bhash

Definition at line 1902 of file tcpcore.h.

◆ __tcp_bhash_size

int tcp_hashinfo::__tcp_bhash_size

Definition at line 1904 of file tcpcore.h.

◆ __tcp_ehash

struct tcp_ehash_bucket* tcp_hashinfo::__tcp_ehash

Definition at line 1897 of file tcpcore.h.

◆ __tcp_ehash_size

int tcp_hashinfo::__tcp_ehash_size

Definition at line 1905 of file tcpcore.h.

◆ __tcp_lhash_users

atomic_t tcp_hashinfo::__tcp_lhash_users

Definition at line 1920 of file tcpcore.h.

◆ __tcp_lhash_wait

wait_queue_head_t tcp_hashinfo::__tcp_lhash_wait

Definition at line 1921 of file tcpcore.h.

◆ __tcp_listening_hash

struct sock* tcp_hashinfo::__tcp_listening_hash[TCP_LHTABLE_SIZE]

Definition at line 1911 of file tcpcore.h.

◆ __tcp_portalloc_lock

spinlock_t tcp_hashinfo::__tcp_portalloc_lock

Definition at line 1922 of file tcpcore.h.

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