ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8236-g99f0937
acpi_pcct_ext_pcc_master Struct Reference

#include <actbl2.h>

Collaboration diagram for acpi_pcct_ext_pcc_master:

Public Attributes

UINT32 PlatformInterrupt
UINT8 Flags
UINT8 Reserved1
UINT64 BaseAddress
UINT32 Length
UINT64 PreserveMask
UINT64 WriteMask
UINT32 Latency
UINT32 MaxAccessRate
UINT32 MinTurnaroundTime
UINT64 AckPreserveMask
UINT64 AckSetMask
UINT64 Reserved2
UINT64 CmdCompleteMask
UINT64 CmdUpdatePreserveMask
UINT64 CmdUpdateSetMask
UINT64 ErrorStatusMask

Detailed Description

Definition at line 2379 of file actbl2.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ AckPreserveMask

UINT64 acpi_pcct_ext_pcc_master::AckPreserveMask

Definition at line 2394 of file actbl2.h.

◆ AckSetMask

UINT64 acpi_pcct_ext_pcc_master::AckSetMask

Definition at line 2395 of file actbl2.h.

◆ BaseAddress

UINT64 acpi_pcct_ext_pcc_master::BaseAddress

Definition at line 2385 of file actbl2.h.

◆ CmdCompleteMask

UINT64 acpi_pcct_ext_pcc_master::CmdCompleteMask

Definition at line 2398 of file actbl2.h.

◆ CmdCompleteRegister

ACPI_GENERIC_ADDRESS acpi_pcct_ext_pcc_master::CmdCompleteRegister

Definition at line 2397 of file actbl2.h.

◆ CmdUpdatePreserveMask

UINT64 acpi_pcct_ext_pcc_master::CmdUpdatePreserveMask

Definition at line 2400 of file actbl2.h.

◆ CmdUpdateRegister

ACPI_GENERIC_ADDRESS acpi_pcct_ext_pcc_master::CmdUpdateRegister

Definition at line 2399 of file actbl2.h.

◆ CmdUpdateSetMask

UINT64 acpi_pcct_ext_pcc_master::CmdUpdateSetMask

Definition at line 2401 of file actbl2.h.

◆ DoorbellRegister

ACPI_GENERIC_ADDRESS acpi_pcct_ext_pcc_master::DoorbellRegister

Definition at line 2387 of file actbl2.h.

◆ ErrorStatusMask

UINT64 acpi_pcct_ext_pcc_master::ErrorStatusMask

Definition at line 2403 of file actbl2.h.

◆ ErrorStatusRegister

ACPI_GENERIC_ADDRESS acpi_pcct_ext_pcc_master::ErrorStatusRegister

Definition at line 2402 of file actbl2.h.

◆ Flags

UINT8 acpi_pcct_ext_pcc_master::Flags

Definition at line 2383 of file actbl2.h.

◆ Header

ACPI_SUBTABLE_HEADER acpi_pcct_ext_pcc_master::Header

Definition at line 2381 of file actbl2.h.

◆ Latency

UINT32 acpi_pcct_ext_pcc_master::Latency

Definition at line 2390 of file actbl2.h.

◆ Length

UINT32 acpi_pcct_ext_pcc_master::Length

Definition at line 2386 of file actbl2.h.

◆ MaxAccessRate

UINT32 acpi_pcct_ext_pcc_master::MaxAccessRate

Definition at line 2391 of file actbl2.h.

◆ MinTurnaroundTime

UINT32 acpi_pcct_ext_pcc_master::MinTurnaroundTime

Definition at line 2392 of file actbl2.h.

◆ PlatformAckRegister

ACPI_GENERIC_ADDRESS acpi_pcct_ext_pcc_master::PlatformAckRegister

Definition at line 2393 of file actbl2.h.

◆ PlatformInterrupt

UINT32 acpi_pcct_ext_pcc_master::PlatformInterrupt

Definition at line 2382 of file actbl2.h.

◆ PreserveMask

UINT64 acpi_pcct_ext_pcc_master::PreserveMask

Definition at line 2388 of file actbl2.h.

◆ Reserved1

UINT8 acpi_pcct_ext_pcc_master::Reserved1

Definition at line 2384 of file actbl2.h.

◆ Reserved2

UINT64 acpi_pcct_ext_pcc_master::Reserved2

Definition at line 2396 of file actbl2.h.

◆ WriteMask

UINT64 acpi_pcct_ext_pcc_master::WriteMask

Definition at line 2389 of file actbl2.h.

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