ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8135-g1bc6c90
acpi_device Struct Reference

#include <acpi_bus.h>

Collaboration diagram for acpi_device:

Public Attributes

int device_type
struct acpi_deviceparent
struct list_head children
struct list_head node
struct list_head wakeup_list
struct acpi_device_status status
struct acpi_device_flags flags
struct acpi_device_pnp pnp
struct acpi_device_power power
struct acpi_device_wakeup wakeup
struct acpi_device_perf performance
struct acpi_device_ops ops
struct acpi_driverdriver
struct acpi_bus_ops bus_ops
enum acpi_bus_removal_type removal_type

Detailed Description

Definition at line 268 of file acpi_bus.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ bus_ops

struct acpi_bus_ops acpi_device::bus_ops

Definition at line 284 of file acpi_bus.h.

◆ children

struct list_head acpi_device::children

Definition at line 272 of file acpi_bus.h.

◆ device_type

int acpi_device::device_type

Definition at line 269 of file acpi_bus.h.

◆ driver

struct acpi_driver* acpi_device::driver

Definition at line 282 of file acpi_bus.h.

◆ driver_data

void* acpi_device::driver_data

Definition at line 283 of file acpi_bus.h.

◆ flags

struct acpi_device_flags acpi_device::flags

Definition at line 276 of file acpi_bus.h.

Referenced by Bus_PlugInDevice().

◆ handle

ACPI_HANDLE acpi_device::handle

Definition at line 270 of file acpi_bus.h.

Referenced by acpi_bus_add().

◆ node

struct list_head acpi_device::node

Definition at line 273 of file acpi_bus.h.

◆ ops

struct acpi_device_ops acpi_device::ops

Definition at line 281 of file acpi_bus.h.

◆ parent

struct acpi_device* acpi_device::parent

Definition at line 271 of file acpi_bus.h.

◆ performance

struct acpi_device_perf acpi_device::performance

Definition at line 280 of file acpi_bus.h.

◆ pnp

struct acpi_device_pnp acpi_device::pnp

Definition at line 277 of file acpi_bus.h.

Referenced by Bus_PlugInDevice().

◆ power

struct acpi_device_power acpi_device::power

Definition at line 278 of file acpi_bus.h.

◆ removal_type

enum acpi_bus_removal_type acpi_device::removal_type

Definition at line 285 of file acpi_bus.h.

◆ status

◆ wakeup

struct acpi_device_wakeup acpi_device::wakeup

Definition at line 279 of file acpi_bus.h.

◆ wakeup_list

struct list_head acpi_device::wakeup_list

Definition at line 274 of file acpi_bus.h.

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