ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8408-g466a198
RtfData Struct Reference

#include <hlpfile.h>

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Public Attributes

BOOL in_text
unsigned allocated
unsigned char_pos
unsigned font_scale
BOOL force_color
unsigned relative
unsigned char_pos_rel

Detailed Description

Definition at line 190 of file hlpfile.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ allocated

unsigned RtfData::allocated

Definition at line 194 of file hlpfile.h.

◆ char_pos

unsigned RtfData::char_pos

Definition at line 195 of file hlpfile.h.

◆ char_pos_rel

unsigned RtfData::char_pos_rel

Definition at line 202 of file hlpfile.h.

◆ current_link

HLPFILE_LINK* RtfData::current_link

Definition at line 199 of file hlpfile.h.

◆ data

char* RtfData::data

Definition at line 192 of file hlpfile.h.

◆ first_link

HLPFILE_LINK* RtfData::first_link

Definition at line 198 of file hlpfile.h.

◆ font_scale

unsigned RtfData::font_scale

Definition at line 197 of file hlpfile.h.

◆ force_color

BOOL RtfData::force_color

Definition at line 200 of file hlpfile.h.

◆ in_text

BOOL RtfData::in_text

Definition at line 191 of file hlpfile.h.

◆ ptr

char* RtfData::ptr

Definition at line 193 of file hlpfile.h.

◆ relative

unsigned RtfData::relative

Definition at line 201 of file hlpfile.h.

Referenced by WINHELP_SetupText().

◆ where

char* RtfData::where

Definition at line 196 of file hlpfile.h.

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