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_statement_t Struct Reference

#include <parser.h>

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Public Attributes

statement_type_t type
struct _statement_tnext
struct list entry
enum statement_type type
union {
   ifref_t   iface
   type_t *   type
   const char *   str
   var_t *   var
   typelib_t *   lib
   type_list_t *   type_list

Detailed Description

Definition at line 123 of file parser.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ entry

struct list _statement_t::entry

Definition at line 532 of file widltypes.h.

Referenced by write_locals().

◆ iface

ifref_t _statement_t::iface

Definition at line 536 of file widltypes.h.

◆ lib

◆ next [1/2]

statement_t* _statement_t::next

◆ next [2/2]

struct _statement_t* _statement_t::next

Definition at line 129 of file parse.h.

◆ str

const char* _statement_t::str

Definition at line 538 of file widltypes.h.

Referenced by write_header_stmts(), and write_imports().

◆ type [1/3]

◆ type [2/3]

enum statement_type _statement_t::type

Definition at line 533 of file widltypes.h.

◆ type [3/3]

type_t* _statement_t::type

Definition at line 537 of file widltypes.h.

◆ type_list


◆ var

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