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inflate_state Struct Reference

#include <inflate.h>

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Public Attributes

z_streamp strm
inflate_mode mode
int last
int wrap
int havedict
int flags
unsigned dmax
unsigned long check
unsigned long total
gz_headerp head
unsigned wbits
unsigned wsize
unsigned whave
unsigned wnext
unsigned char FARwindow
unsigned long hold
unsigned bits
unsigned length
unsigned offset
unsigned extra
code const FARlencode
code const FARdistcode
unsigned lenbits
unsigned distbits
unsigned ncode
unsigned nlen
unsigned ndist
unsigned have
code FARnext
unsigned short lens [320]
unsigned short work [288]
code codes [ENOUGH]
int sane
int back
unsigned was

Detailed Description

Definition at line 82 of file inflate.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ back

int inflate_state::back

Definition at line 123 of file inflate.h.

◆ bits

unsigned inflate_state::bits

Definition at line 102 of file inflate.h.

◆ check

unsigned long inflate_state::check

Definition at line 91 of file inflate.h.

◆ codes

code inflate_state::codes[ENOUGH]

Definition at line 121 of file inflate.h.

◆ distbits

unsigned inflate_state::distbits

Definition at line 112 of file inflate.h.

◆ distcode

code const FAR* inflate_state::distcode

Definition at line 110 of file inflate.h.

◆ dmax

unsigned inflate_state::dmax

Definition at line 90 of file inflate.h.

Referenced by inflate_fast().

◆ extra

unsigned inflate_state::extra

Definition at line 107 of file inflate.h.

◆ flags

int inflate_state::flags

Definition at line 89 of file inflate.h.

◆ have

unsigned inflate_state::have

Definition at line 117 of file inflate.h.

Referenced by inflate(), inflateBack(), and syncsearch().

◆ havedict

int inflate_state::havedict

Definition at line 88 of file inflate.h.

◆ head

gz_headerp inflate_state::head

Definition at line 93 of file inflate.h.

◆ hold

unsigned long inflate_state::hold

Definition at line 101 of file inflate.h.

Referenced by inflate(), inflate_fast(), and inflateBack().

◆ last

int inflate_state::last

Definition at line 85 of file inflate.h.

◆ lenbits

unsigned inflate_state::lenbits

Definition at line 111 of file inflate.h.

◆ lencode

code const FAR* inflate_state::lencode

Definition at line 109 of file inflate.h.

◆ length

unsigned inflate_state::length

Definition at line 104 of file inflate.h.

◆ lens

unsigned short inflate_state::lens[320]

Definition at line 119 of file inflate.h.

◆ mode

inflate_mode inflate_state::mode

Definition at line 84 of file inflate.h.

◆ ncode

unsigned inflate_state::ncode

Definition at line 114 of file inflate.h.

◆ ndist

unsigned inflate_state::ndist

Definition at line 116 of file inflate.h.

◆ next

code FAR* inflate_state::next

Definition at line 118 of file inflate.h.

◆ nlen

unsigned inflate_state::nlen

Definition at line 115 of file inflate.h.

◆ offset

unsigned inflate_state::offset

Definition at line 105 of file inflate.h.

◆ sane

int inflate_state::sane

Definition at line 122 of file inflate.h.

◆ strm

◆ total

unsigned long inflate_state::total

Definition at line 92 of file inflate.h.

◆ was

unsigned inflate_state::was

Definition at line 124 of file inflate.h.

◆ wbits

unsigned inflate_state::wbits

Definition at line 95 of file inflate.h.

◆ whave

unsigned inflate_state::whave

Definition at line 97 of file inflate.h.

Referenced by inflate_fast().

◆ window

unsigned char FAR* inflate_state::window

Definition at line 99 of file inflate.h.

◆ wnext

unsigned inflate_state::wnext

Definition at line 98 of file inflate.h.

Referenced by inflate_fast().

◆ work

unsigned short inflate_state::work[288]

Definition at line 120 of file inflate.h.

◆ wrap

int inflate_state::wrap

Definition at line 86 of file inflate.h.

◆ wsize

unsigned inflate_state::wsize

Definition at line 96 of file inflate.h.

Referenced by inflate_fast(), inflateBack(), and inflateCopy().

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