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ITask Interface Reference
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Public Member Functions

HRESULT SetApplicationName ([in] LPCWSTR pwszApplicationName)
HRESULT GetApplicationName ([out] LPWSTR *ppwszApplicationName)
HRESULT SetParameters ([in] LPCWSTR pwszParameters)
HRESULT GetParameters ([out] LPWSTR *ppwszParameters)
HRESULT SetWorkingDirectory ([in] LPCWSTR pwszWorkingDirectory)
HRESULT GetWorkingDirectory ([in] LPWSTR *ppwszWorkingDirectory)
HRESULT SetPriority ([in] DWORD dwPriority)
HRESULT GetPriority ([out] DWORD *pdwPriority)
HRESULT SetTaskFlags ([in] DWORD dwFlags)
HRESULT GetTaskFlags ([out] DWORD *pdwFlags)
HRESULT SetMaxRunTime ([in] DWORD dwMaxRunTime)
HRESULT GetMaxRunTime ([out] DWORD *pdwMaxRunTime)
- Public Member Functions inherited from IScheduledWorkItem
HRESULT CreateTrigger ([out] WORD *piNewTrigger, [out] ITaskTrigger **ppTrigger)
HRESULT DeleteTrigger ([in] WORD iTrigger)
HRESULT GetTriggerCount ([out] WORD *plCount)
HRESULT GetTrigger ([in] WORD iTrigger, [out] ITaskTrigger **ppTrigger)
HRESULT GetTriggerString ([in] WORD iTrigger, [out] LPWSTR *ppwszTrigger)
HRESULT GetRunTimes ([in] const LPSYSTEMTIME pstBegin, [in] const LPSYSTEMTIME pstEnd, [in, out] WORD *pCount, [out] LPSYSTEMTIME *rgstTaskTimes)
HRESULT GetNextRunTime ([out] SYSTEMTIME *pstNextRun)
HRESULT SetIdleWait ([in] WORD wIdleMinutes, [in] WORD wDeadlineMinutes)
HRESULT GetIdleWait ([out] WORD *pwIdleMinutes, [out] WORD *pwDeadlineMinutes)
HRESULT Terminate ()
HRESULT EditWorkItem ([in] HWND hParent, [in] DWORD dwReserved)
HRESULT GetMostRecentRunTime ([out] SYSTEMTIME *pstLastRun)
HRESULT GetStatus ([out] HRESULT *phrStatus)
HRESULT GetExitCode ([out] DWORD *pdwExitCode)
HRESULT SetComment ([in] LPCWSTR pwszComment)
HRESULT GetComment ([out] LPWSTR *ppwszComment)
HRESULT SetCreator (LPCWSTR pwszCreator)
HRESULT GetCreator ([out] LPWSTR *ppwszCreator)
HRESULT SetWorkItemData ([in] WORD cBytes, [in] BYTE rgbData[])
HRESULT GetWorkItemData ([out] WORD *pcBytes, [out] BYTE **ppBytes)
HRESULT SetErrorRetryCount (WORD wRetryCount)
HRESULT GetErrorRetryCount ([out] WORD *pwRetryCount)
HRESULT SetErrorRetryInterval (WORD wRetryInterval)
HRESULT GetErrorRetryInterval ([out] WORD *pwRetryInterval)
HRESULT SetFlags (DWORD dwFlags)
HRESULT GetFlags ([out] DWORD *pdwFlags)
HRESULT SetAccountInformation ([in] LPCWSTR pwszAccountName, [in] LPCWSTR pwszPassword)
HRESULT GetAccountInformation ([out] LPWSTR *ppwszAccountName)
- Public Member Functions inherited from IUnknown
HRESULT QueryInterface ([in] REFIID riid, [out, iid_is(riid)] void **ppvObject)
ULONG AddRef ()
ULONG Release ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from IUnknown
typedef IUnknownLPUNKNOWN

Detailed Description

Definition at line 302 of file mstask.idl.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetApplicationName()

HRESULT ITask::GetApplicationName ( [out] LPWSTR ppwszApplicationName)

◆ GetMaxRunTime()

HRESULT ITask::GetMaxRunTime ( [out] DWORD pdwMaxRunTime)

◆ GetParameters()

HRESULT ITask::GetParameters ( [out] LPWSTR ppwszParameters)

◆ GetPriority()

HRESULT ITask::GetPriority ( [out] DWORD pdwPriority)

◆ GetTaskFlags()

HRESULT ITask::GetTaskFlags ( [out] DWORD pdwFlags)

◆ GetWorkingDirectory()

HRESULT ITask::GetWorkingDirectory ( [in] LPWSTR ppwszWorkingDirectory)

◆ SetApplicationName()

HRESULT ITask::SetApplicationName ( [in] LPCWSTR  pwszApplicationName)

◆ SetMaxRunTime()

HRESULT ITask::SetMaxRunTime ( [in] DWORD  dwMaxRunTime)

◆ SetParameters()

HRESULT ITask::SetParameters ( [in] LPCWSTR  pwszParameters)

◆ SetPriority()

HRESULT ITask::SetPriority ( [in] DWORD  dwPriority)

◆ SetTaskFlags()

HRESULT ITask::SetTaskFlags ( [in] DWORD  dwFlags)

◆ SetWorkingDirectory()

HRESULT ITask::SetWorkingDirectory ( [in] LPCWSTR  pwszWorkingDirectory)

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