ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-7674-gc0b4db1
FT_StrokeBorderRec_ Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for FT_StrokeBorderRec_:

Public Attributes

FT_UInt num_points
FT_UInt max_points
FT_Bool movable
FT_Int start
FT_Memory memory
FT_Bool valid

Detailed Description

Definition at line 312 of file ftstroke.c.

Member Data Documentation

◆ max_points

FT_UInt FT_StrokeBorderRec_::max_points

Definition at line 315 of file ftstroke.c.

◆ memory

FT_Memory FT_StrokeBorderRec_::memory

Definition at line 320 of file ftstroke.c.

◆ movable

FT_Bool FT_StrokeBorderRec_::movable

Definition at line 318 of file ftstroke.c.

◆ num_points

FT_UInt FT_StrokeBorderRec_::num_points

Definition at line 314 of file ftstroke.c.

◆ points

FT_Vector* FT_StrokeBorderRec_::points

Definition at line 316 of file ftstroke.c.

◆ start

FT_Int FT_StrokeBorderRec_::start

Definition at line 319 of file ftstroke.c.

◆ tags

FT_Byte* FT_StrokeBorderRec_::tags

Definition at line 317 of file ftstroke.c.

◆ valid

FT_Bool FT_StrokeBorderRec_::valid

Definition at line 321 of file ftstroke.c.

Referenced by FT_Stroker_ExportBorder().

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