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dhcp_packet Struct Reference

#include <dhcp.h>

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Public Attributes

u_int8_t op
u_int8_t htype
u_int8_t hlen
u_int8_t hops
u_int32_t xid
u_int16_t secs
u_int16_t flags
struct in_addr ciaddr
struct in_addr yiaddr
struct in_addr siaddr
struct in_addr giaddr
unsigned char chaddr [16]
char sname [DHCP_SNAME_LEN]
char file [DHCP_FILE_LEN]
unsigned char options [DHCP_OPTION_LEN]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 57 of file dhcp.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ chaddr

unsigned char dhcp_packet::chaddr[16]

Definition at line 69 of file dhcp.h.

◆ ciaddr

struct in_addr dhcp_packet::ciaddr

Definition at line 65 of file dhcp.h.

◆ file

char dhcp_packet::file[DHCP_FILE_LEN]

Definition at line 71 of file dhcp.h.

◆ flags

u_int16_t dhcp_packet::flags

Definition at line 64 of file dhcp.h.

◆ giaddr

struct in_addr dhcp_packet::giaddr

Definition at line 68 of file dhcp.h.

◆ hlen

u_int8_t dhcp_packet::hlen

Definition at line 60 of file dhcp.h.

◆ hops

u_int8_t dhcp_packet::hops

Definition at line 61 of file dhcp.h.

◆ htype

u_int8_t dhcp_packet::htype

Definition at line 59 of file dhcp.h.

◆ op

u_int8_t dhcp_packet::op

Definition at line 58 of file dhcp.h.

◆ options

unsigned char dhcp_packet::options[DHCP_OPTION_LEN]

Definition at line 72 of file dhcp.h.

Referenced by cons_options().

◆ secs

u_int16_t dhcp_packet::secs

Definition at line 63 of file dhcp.h.

◆ siaddr

struct in_addr dhcp_packet::siaddr

Definition at line 67 of file dhcp.h.

◆ sname

char dhcp_packet::sname[DHCP_SNAME_LEN]

Definition at line 70 of file dhcp.h.

◆ xid

u_int32_t dhcp_packet::xid

Definition at line 62 of file dhcp.h.

◆ yiaddr

struct in_addr dhcp_packet::yiaddr

Definition at line 66 of file dhcp.h.

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