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StorageImpl Struct Reference

#include <storage32.h>

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Public Attributes

struct StorageBaseImpl base
WORD bigBlockSizeBits
WORD smallBlockSizeBits
ULONG bigBlockSize
ULONG smallBlockSize
ULONG bigBlockDepotCount
ULONG rootStartBlock
ULONG smallBlockLimit
ULONG smallBlockDepotStart
ULONG extBigBlockDepotStart
ULONG extBigBlockDepotLocationsSize
ULONG extBigBlockDepotCount
ULONG transactionSig
ULONG extBlockDepotCached [MAX_BIG_BLOCK_SIZE/4]
ULONG indexExtBlockDepotCached
ULONG blockDepotCached [MAX_BIG_BLOCK_SIZE/4]
ULONG indexBlockDepotCached
ULONG prevFreeBlock
ULONG firstFreeSmallBlock
BlockChainStreamblockChainCache [BLOCKCHAIN_CACHE_SIZE]
UINT blockChainToEvict
ULONG locks_supported
ULONG locked_bytes [8]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 371 of file storage32.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ base

struct StorageBaseImpl StorageImpl::base

Definition at line 373 of file storage32.h.

Referenced by Storage_Construct().

◆ bigBlockDepotCount

ULONG StorageImpl::bigBlockDepotCount

Definition at line 382 of file storage32.h.

◆ bigBlockDepotStart

ULONG StorageImpl::bigBlockDepotStart[COUNT_BBDEPOTINHEADER]

Definition at line 390 of file storage32.h.

◆ bigBlockSize

ULONG StorageImpl::bigBlockSize

Definition at line 380 of file storage32.h.

Referenced by StorageImpl_CreateDirEntry().

◆ bigBlockSizeBits

WORD StorageImpl::bigBlockSizeBits

Definition at line 378 of file storage32.h.

◆ blockChainCache

BlockChainStream* StorageImpl::blockChainCache[BLOCKCHAIN_CACHE_SIZE]

Definition at line 411 of file storage32.h.

◆ blockChainToEvict

UINT StorageImpl::blockChainToEvict

Definition at line 412 of file storage32.h.

◆ blockDepotCached

ULONG StorageImpl::blockDepotCached[MAX_BIG_BLOCK_SIZE/4]

Definition at line 396 of file storage32.h.

◆ extBigBlockDepotCount

ULONG StorageImpl::extBigBlockDepotCount

Definition at line 389 of file storage32.h.

◆ extBigBlockDepotLocations

ULONG* StorageImpl::extBigBlockDepotLocations

Definition at line 387 of file storage32.h.

◆ extBigBlockDepotLocationsSize

ULONG StorageImpl::extBigBlockDepotLocationsSize

Definition at line 388 of file storage32.h.

◆ extBigBlockDepotStart

ULONG StorageImpl::extBigBlockDepotStart

Definition at line 386 of file storage32.h.

◆ extBlockDepotCached

ULONG StorageImpl::extBlockDepotCached[MAX_BIG_BLOCK_SIZE/4]

Definition at line 393 of file storage32.h.

◆ firstFreeSmallBlock

ULONG StorageImpl::firstFreeSmallBlock

Definition at line 401 of file storage32.h.

◆ indexBlockDepotCached

ULONG StorageImpl::indexBlockDepotCached

Definition at line 397 of file storage32.h.

◆ indexExtBlockDepotCached

ULONG StorageImpl::indexExtBlockDepotCached

Definition at line 394 of file storage32.h.

◆ lockBytes

ILockBytes* StorageImpl::lockBytes

Definition at line 416 of file storage32.h.

◆ locked_bytes

ULONG StorageImpl::locked_bytes[8]

Definition at line 418 of file storage32.h.

◆ locks_supported

ULONG StorageImpl::locks_supported

Definition at line 414 of file storage32.h.

◆ prevFreeBlock

ULONG StorageImpl::prevFreeBlock

Definition at line 398 of file storage32.h.

◆ rootBlockChain

BlockChainStream* StorageImpl::rootBlockChain

Definition at line 406 of file storage32.h.

Referenced by StorageImpl_CreateDirEntry().

◆ rootStartBlock

ULONG StorageImpl::rootStartBlock

Definition at line 383 of file storage32.h.

◆ smallBlockDepotChain

BlockChainStream* StorageImpl::smallBlockDepotChain

Definition at line 407 of file storage32.h.

◆ smallBlockDepotStart

ULONG StorageImpl::smallBlockDepotStart

Definition at line 385 of file storage32.h.

◆ smallBlockLimit

ULONG StorageImpl::smallBlockLimit

Definition at line 384 of file storage32.h.

◆ smallBlockRootChain

BlockChainStream* StorageImpl::smallBlockRootChain

Definition at line 408 of file storage32.h.

◆ smallBlockSize

ULONG StorageImpl::smallBlockSize

Definition at line 381 of file storage32.h.

◆ smallBlockSizeBits

WORD StorageImpl::smallBlockSizeBits

Definition at line 379 of file storage32.h.

◆ transactionSig

ULONG StorageImpl::transactionSig

Definition at line 391 of file storage32.h.

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