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StorageBaseImpl Struct Reference

#include <storage32.h>

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Public Attributes

IStorage IStorage_iface
IPropertySetStorage IPropertySetStorage_iface
IDirectWriterLock IDirectWriterLock_iface
LONG ref
struct list strmHead
struct list storageHead
BOOL reverted
DirRef storageDirEntry
const StorageBaseImplVtblbaseVtbl
DWORD openFlags
DWORD stateBits
BOOL create
enum swmr_mode lockingrole

Detailed Description

Definition at line 185 of file storage32.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ baseVtbl

const StorageBaseImplVtbl* StorageBaseImpl::baseVtbl

Definition at line 216 of file storage32.h.

◆ create

BOOL StorageBaseImpl::create

Definition at line 228 of file storage32.h.

◆ IDirectWriterLock_iface

IDirectWriterLock StorageBaseImpl::IDirectWriterLock_iface

Definition at line 189 of file storage32.h.

◆ IPropertySetStorage_iface

IPropertySetStorage StorageBaseImpl::IPropertySetStorage_iface

◆ IStorage_iface

◆ lockingrole

enum swmr_mode StorageBaseImpl::lockingrole

Definition at line 235 of file storage32.h.

◆ openFlags

DWORD StorageBaseImpl::openFlags

◆ ref

LONG StorageBaseImpl::ref

Definition at line 190 of file storage32.h.

◆ reverted

BOOL StorageBaseImpl::reverted

Definition at line 206 of file storage32.h.

◆ stateBits

DWORD StorageBaseImpl::stateBits

Definition at line 226 of file storage32.h.

◆ storageDirEntry

DirRef StorageBaseImpl::storageDirEntry

◆ storageHead

struct list StorageBaseImpl::storageHead

◆ strmHead

◆ transactedChild

StorageBaseImpl* StorageBaseImpl::transactedChild

Definition at line 234 of file storage32.h.

Referenced by StorageBaseImpl_DeleteAll(), and TransactedSnapshotImpl_Construct().

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