ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8135-g1bc6c90
FT_Driver_ClassRec_ Struct Reference

#include <ftdrv.h>

Collaboration diagram for FT_Driver_ClassRec_:

Public Attributes

FT_Module_Class root
FT_Long face_object_size
FT_Long size_object_size
FT_Long slot_object_size
FT_Face_InitFunc init_face
FT_Face_DoneFunc done_face
FT_Size_InitFunc init_size
FT_Size_DoneFunc done_size
FT_Slot_InitFunc init_slot
FT_Slot_DoneFunc done_slot
FT_Slot_LoadFunc load_glyph
FT_Face_GetKerningFunc get_kerning
FT_Face_AttachFunc attach_file
FT_Face_GetAdvancesFunc get_advances
FT_Size_RequestFunc request_size
FT_Size_SelectFunc select_size

Detailed Description

Definition at line 157 of file ftdrv.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ attach_file

FT_Face_AttachFunc FT_Driver_ClassRec_::attach_file

Definition at line 177 of file ftdrv.h.

Referenced by FT_Attach_Stream().

◆ done_face

FT_Face_DoneFunc FT_Driver_ClassRec_::done_face

Definition at line 166 of file ftdrv.h.

Referenced by destroy_face(), and open_face().

◆ done_size

FT_Size_DoneFunc FT_Driver_ClassRec_::done_size

Definition at line 169 of file ftdrv.h.

◆ done_slot

FT_Slot_DoneFunc FT_Driver_ClassRec_::done_slot

Definition at line 172 of file ftdrv.h.

Referenced by ft_glyphslot_done().

◆ face_object_size

FT_Long FT_Driver_ClassRec_::face_object_size

Definition at line 161 of file ftdrv.h.

Referenced by open_face().

◆ get_advances

FT_Face_GetAdvancesFunc FT_Driver_ClassRec_::get_advances

Definition at line 178 of file ftdrv.h.

◆ get_kerning

FT_Face_GetKerningFunc FT_Driver_ClassRec_::get_kerning

Definition at line 176 of file ftdrv.h.

◆ init_face

FT_Face_InitFunc FT_Driver_ClassRec_::init_face

Definition at line 165 of file ftdrv.h.

Referenced by open_face().

◆ init_size

FT_Size_InitFunc FT_Driver_ClassRec_::init_size

Definition at line 168 of file ftdrv.h.

Referenced by FT_New_Size().

◆ init_slot

FT_Slot_InitFunc FT_Driver_ClassRec_::init_slot

Definition at line 171 of file ftdrv.h.

Referenced by ft_glyphslot_init().

◆ load_glyph

FT_Slot_LoadFunc FT_Driver_ClassRec_::load_glyph

Definition at line 174 of file ftdrv.h.

◆ request_size

FT_Size_RequestFunc FT_Driver_ClassRec_::request_size

Definition at line 181 of file ftdrv.h.

Referenced by FT_Request_Size().

◆ root

FT_Module_Class FT_Driver_ClassRec_::root

Definition at line 159 of file ftdrv.h.

◆ select_size

FT_Size_SelectFunc FT_Driver_ClassRec_::select_size

Definition at line 182 of file ftdrv.h.

Referenced by FT_Select_Size().

◆ size_object_size

FT_Long FT_Driver_ClassRec_::size_object_size

Definition at line 162 of file ftdrv.h.

Referenced by FT_New_Size().

◆ slot_object_size

FT_Long FT_Driver_ClassRec_::slot_object_size

Definition at line 163 of file ftdrv.h.

Referenced by FT_New_GlyphSlot().

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