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CAppInfo Class Referenceabstract

#include <appinfo.h>

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Public Member Functions

 CAppInfo (const CStringW &Identifier, AppsCategories Category)
virtual ~CAppInfo ()
virtual BOOL Valid () const =0
virtual BOOL CanModify ()=0
virtual BOOL RetrieveIcon (CStringW &Path) const =0
virtual BOOL RetrieveScreenshot (CStringW &Path)=0
virtual VOID ShowAppInfo (CAppRichEdit *RichEdit)=0
virtual VOID GetDownloadInfo (CStringW &Url, CStringW &Sha1, ULONG &SizeInBytes) const =0
virtual VOID GetDisplayInfo (CStringW &License, CStringW &Size, CStringW &UrlSite, CStringW &UrlDownload)=0
virtual InstallerType GetInstallerType () const
virtual BOOL UninstallApplication (UninstallCommandFlags Flags)=0

Public Attributes

const CStringW szIdentifier
const AppsCategories iCategory
CStringW szDisplayIcon
CStringW szDisplayName
CStringW szDisplayVersion
CStringW szComments

Detailed Description

Definition at line 92 of file appinfo.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CAppInfo()

CAppInfo::CAppInfo ( const CStringW Identifier,
AppsCategories  Category 

Definition at line 13 of file appinfo.cpp.

@ Identifier
Definition: asmpp.cpp:95
const AppsCategories iCategory
Definition: appinfo.h:99
const CStringW szIdentifier
Definition: appinfo.h:98

◆ ~CAppInfo()

CAppInfo::~CAppInfo ( )

Definition at line 18 of file appinfo.cpp.


Member Function Documentation

◆ CanModify()

virtual BOOL CAppInfo::CanModify ( )
pure virtual

◆ GetDisplayInfo()

virtual VOID CAppInfo::GetDisplayInfo ( CStringW License,
CStringW Size,
CStringW UrlSite,
CStringW UrlDownload 
pure virtual

◆ GetDownloadInfo()

virtual VOID CAppInfo::GetDownloadInfo ( CStringW Url,
CStringW Sha1,
ULONG SizeInBytes 
) const
pure virtual

◆ GetInstallerType()

virtual InstallerType CAppInfo::GetInstallerType ( ) const

Reimplemented in CAvailableApplicationInfo, and CInstalledApplicationInfo.

Definition at line 121 of file appinfo.h.

121{ return INSTALLER_UNKNOWN; }
Definition: appinfo.h:75

Referenced by DownloadInfo::DownloadInfo().

◆ RetrieveIcon()

virtual BOOL CAppInfo::RetrieveIcon ( CStringW Path) const
pure virtual

◆ RetrieveScreenshot()

virtual BOOL CAppInfo::RetrieveScreenshot ( CStringW Path)
pure virtual

◆ ShowAppInfo()

virtual VOID CAppInfo::ShowAppInfo ( CAppRichEdit RichEdit)
pure virtual

◆ UninstallApplication()

virtual BOOL CAppInfo::UninstallApplication ( UninstallCommandFlags  Flags)
pure virtual

◆ Valid()

virtual BOOL CAppInfo::Valid ( ) const
pure virtual

Member Data Documentation

◆ iCategory

const AppsCategories CAppInfo::iCategory

Definition at line 99 of file appinfo.h.

◆ szComments

◆ szDisplayIcon

◆ szDisplayName

◆ szDisplayVersion

◆ szIdentifier

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