ReactOS 0.4.15-dev-8100-g1887773
ldapmsg Struct Reference

#include <winldap_private.h>

Collaboration diagram for ldapmsg:

Public Attributes

ULONG lm_msgid
ULONG lm_msgtype
PVOID lm_ber
struct ldapmsglm_chain
struct ldapmsglm_next
ULONG lm_time
WLDAP32_PLDAP Connection
PVOID Request
ULONG lm_returncode
USHORT lm_referral
BOOLEAN lm_chased
BOOLEAN lm_eom
BOOLEAN ConnectionReferenced

Detailed Description

Definition at line 157 of file winldap_private.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ Connection

WLDAP32_PLDAP ldapmsg::Connection

Definition at line 168 of file winldap_private.h.

◆ ConnectionReferenced

BOOLEAN ldapmsg::ConnectionReferenced

Definition at line 174 of file winldap_private.h.

◆ lm_ber [1/2]

PVOID ldapmsg::lm_ber

Definition at line 162 of file winldap_private.h.

◆ lm_ber [2/2]

BerElement* ldapmsg::lm_ber

Definition at line 264 of file winldap.h.

◆ lm_chain

struct ldapmsg * ldapmsg::lm_chain

Definition at line 164 of file winldap_private.h.

◆ lm_chased

BOOLEAN ldapmsg::lm_chased

Definition at line 172 of file winldap_private.h.

◆ lm_eom

BOOLEAN ldapmsg::lm_eom

Definition at line 173 of file winldap_private.h.

◆ lm_msgid

ULONG ldapmsg::lm_msgid

Definition at line 159 of file winldap_private.h.

◆ lm_msgtype

ULONG ldapmsg::lm_msgtype

Definition at line 160 of file winldap_private.h.

◆ lm_next

struct ldapmsg * ldapmsg::lm_next

Definition at line 165 of file winldap_private.h.

◆ lm_referral

USHORT ldapmsg::lm_referral

Definition at line 171 of file winldap_private.h.

◆ lm_returncode

ULONG ldapmsg::lm_returncode

Definition at line 170 of file winldap_private.h.

◆ lm_time

ULONG ldapmsg::lm_time

Definition at line 166 of file winldap_private.h.

◆ Request

PVOID ldapmsg::Request

Definition at line 169 of file winldap_private.h.

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