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NotifyIconConfig Struct Reference

configuration for the display mode of a notification icon More...

#include <traynotify.h>

Inheritance diagram for NotifyIconConfig:

Public Member Functions

 NotifyIconConfig ()
void create_name ()
bool match (const NotifyIconConfig &props) const

Public Attributes

String _tipText
String _windowTitle
String _modulePath
String _name

Detailed Description

configuration for the display mode of a notification icon

Definition at line 71 of file traynotify.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ NotifyIconConfig()

NotifyIconConfig::NotifyIconConfig ( )

Definition at line 73 of file traynotify.h.

73 : _mode(NIM_AUTO) {}
Definition: traynotify.h:83

Member Function Documentation

◆ create_name()

void NotifyIconConfig::create_name ( )

Definition at line 814 of file traynotify.cpp.

815 {
816  _name = FmtString(TEXT("'%s' - '%s' - '%s'"), _tipText.c_str(), _windowTitle.c_str(), _modulePath.c_str());
817 }
String _windowTitle
Definition: traynotify.h:80
#define TEXT(s)
Definition: k32.h:26
String _modulePath
Definition: traynotify.h:81

Referenced by NotifyInfo::modify(), and NotifyArea::write_config().

◆ match()

bool NotifyIconConfig::match ( const NotifyIconConfig props) const

Definition at line 820 of file traynotify.cpp.

821 {
822  if (!_tipText.empty() && !props._tipText.empty())
823  if (props._tipText == _tipText)
824  return true;
826  if (!_windowTitle.empty() && !props._windowTitle.empty())
827  if (_tcsstr(props._windowTitle, _windowTitle))
828  return true;
830  if (!_modulePath.empty() && !props._modulePath.empty())
831  if (!_tcsicmp(props._modulePath, _modulePath))
832  return true;
834  return false;
835 }
#define _tcsicmp
Definition: xmlstorage.h:205
#define _tcsstr
Definition: xmlstorage.h:199
String _windowTitle
Definition: traynotify.h:80
String _modulePath
Definition: traynotify.h:81
static const WCHAR props[]
Definition: wbemdisp.c:288

Referenced by NotifyArea::DetermineHideState(), and TrayNotifyDlg::SetIconMode().

Member Data Documentation

◆ _mode

◆ _modulePath

String NotifyIconConfig::_modulePath

◆ _name

String NotifyIconConfig::_name

Definition at line 85 of file traynotify.h.

Referenced by create_name(), NotifyArea::read_config(), and NotifyArea::write_config().

◆ _tipText

String NotifyIconConfig::_tipText

◆ _windowTitle

String NotifyIconConfig::_windowTitle

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